Dec. 18 1998 3:30 AM


A libretto in search of a composer

(Continued from Page 5)

The cheers and applause are overwhelming,


But presidents need cuddles, too.

The fawning adoration's pleasant,

But presidents need cuddles, too.

[Enter Betty Currie.]

CURRIE: Mr. President? The intern is here. And she's brought you some pizza!

[The lights go down. When they resume, the intern--MONICA LEWINSKY--is talking on the phone to her good friend LINDA TRIPP.]

LEWINSKY: Well, y'know, I'd seen him around, like, a lot. And I know he noticed me. So when they said they needed an intern to answer the phones, I said, "Hel-lo-o-o!" And then I had the idea to take him pizza!

TRIPP: And then what happened?

"What Went On" (upbeat)

LEWINSKY: Then I led him on.

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