Dec. 18 1998 3:30 AM


A libretto in search of a composer

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He said he wasn't sure if I was someone he




[The lights fade as the girlfriends engage in cross talk.]

TRIPP: Trust?

LEWINSKY: That's why we didn't go on.

TRIPP: That's so weird! What did he think? That you'd go blabbin' this to the whole world?

LEWINSKY: I mean--rilly! Hey, what's that clicking?

TRIPP: It's just my gum.


[As the relationship between Clinton and Monica continues, some members of the White House staff become worried about the prudence of continuing the relationship with so much potential for scandal. This song is a conversation between Betty Currie, who, though worried, still thinks Monica is a good person, and the rather stonier EVELYN LIEBERMAN.]

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