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The Killer Nurse

She didn’t brag. She didn’t leave clues.
She killed her patients, then went home
to play computer games.

Of Course Trump Will Provoke a Constitutional Crisis

Why Does Anthony Scaramucci Keep Making Hair and Makeup Jokes?

iPhone Gamers, Prepare for the App-ocalypse

Game of Thrones: This Week’s Worst Person in Westeros


Diverse but Still Segregated

I grew up surrounded by blacks, yet my friends were white like me. Is real integration possible?

Shrunken Heroes

How Dunkirk subverts the tropes of the war film.

Why Even Diverse Neighborhoods Remain Segregated by Race

How Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Finds New Ways to Subvert the Tropes of the War Film

Game of Thrones Almost Gave Us a Feminist Utopia. Then Euron Greyjoy Messed It Up.

Trump Is Ordering Service Members to Support the GOP Agenda. That’s Terrifying.

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