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They Never Really Hated Obamacare

Republicans didn’t fail because of party infighting, but because they didn’t actually mind the law.

John F. Kelly Likes to Pick Fights. Chiefs of Staff Are Supposed to Stop Them.

Trump Surrounds Himself With Generals He Doesn’t Listen To

A Tweet Is a Direct Order

Military leaders who say the president’s social media posts aren’t policy are playing a dangerous game.

Honolulu Just Banned Pedestrians From Looking at Cellphones


Words to Live By

McCain is far from perfect. But his speech gave us a map for escaping the moral rot of Trumpism.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Listen to Arcade Fire

The ambitious, ridiculous band’s eminently listenable new album.

10 Rules for Escaping the Moral Rot of Trumpism

Arcade Fire’s New Album Is an Absurd Response to Absurd Expectations

Scientists May Be Able to Edit Embryo Genes, but Don’t Hold Your Breath for Super Babies

Collins and Murkowski Stood Up for Womankind Over the Threats of Men

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