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It’s Bad

The first month of Trump’s reign has been more cruel and destructive than the American majority feared. The worst is yet to come.

The New National Security Adviser Staked His Credibility on Standing Up to Presidents. Will He Do It?

Trump Just Hired the Army’s Smartest Officer, but His Success Is No Guarantee

Playwrights Are Changing the Way We Think About TV

Did John Oliver Flay, Skewer, or Eviscerate Trump’s Ties to Putin?

Medical Examiner

Can Parents Trust the AAP?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has lots of advice—some solid, some shaky. Here’s a smarter way to heed it.

The Good Fight: The Streaming-Only Good Wife Spinoff Takes Poor Advantage of Its Freedom

ESPN Reporter Rachel Nichols on Why She Doesn’t Stick to Sports

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