The Flytrap Blame Game
The Flytrap Blame Game
Politics and policy.
Aug. 29 1998 3:30 AM

The Flytrap Blame Game

Who really deserves sympathy? And who doesn't? Slate keeps score.

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Minuses and Pluses:

Same as Begala (except Emanuel didn't write the speech).


Slate rating: -2

Ann Lewis (The public's rating: -1)

Minuses and Pluses:

Same as Emanuel, except Lewis seems more morally outraged with Clinton than other White House aides.

Slate rating: -2

Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty

Monica Lewinsky (The public's rating: -9)


a) Seduced a married man.

b) Damaged and endangered the presidency for the sake of casual sex.

c) Has lied frequently.

d) Is a capable adult, not--as her advocates claim--a naive child, defenseless against the president's wiles.

e) Protected herself with immunity when she needed to, even though her testimony would do enormous harm to Clinton and the nation.

f) Blabbed her "secret" affair to lots of people. (So, while she was dragged into the scandal against her will, it was her own loquaciousness that made the dragging possible.)


a) Sexually exploited by her older boss.

b) Had her reputation smeared by Clintonistas and the media.

c) Betrayed by Linda Tripp.

d) Dragged into the scandal against her will.

Slate rating: -2

Mike McCurry (The public's rating: +2)


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