The Flytrap Blame Game
The Flytrap Blame Game
Politics and policy.
Aug. 29 1998 3:30 AM

The Flytrap Blame Game

Who really deserves sympathy? And who doesn't? Slate keeps score.

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a) Had his private life exposed to the world in a way no one's should be.

b) Has been persecuted by enemies who won't be satisfied until he is destroyed.


Slate rating--He never asked for our sympathy, and he doesn't deserve it: -9

Dick Morris (The public's rating: -6)


a) Encouraged Clinton's most deplorable habits: lying and polling. (When Clinton revealed his adultery to Morris, the political consultant immediately took a poll to see how America would respond to a Clinton admission. When the results suggested Americans would be angry if Clinton had perjured himself, Morris encouraged Clinton to deny the affair.)

b) Further sullied the Clintons with a revolting comment suggesting that Clinton cheats because Hillary is a lesbian.

c) Not even loyal enough to keep his mouth shut.

Pluses: I cannot think of any.

Slate rating: -7

Linda Tripp (The public's rating: -7)


a) Betrayed her "friend."

b) Obsessively nosed into the private lives of others.

c) Tried to score a book deal off sex gossip and other people's distress.

d) Tattletale.


a) Whistleblower (see d under Minuses): risked humiliation to expose something she believed was wrong.

b) Smeared mercilessly by Clinton allies, the media.

Slate rating: -7

James Carville (The public's rating: -1)