The Flytrap Blame Game
The Flytrap Blame Game
Politics and policy.
Aug. 29 1998 3:30 AM

The Flytrap Blame Game

Who really deserves sympathy? And who doesn't? Slate keeps score.

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a) Spun his denials without digging for the truth.


b) Did not quit on principle.


a) Were conscripted unwillingly into scandal defense. (Unlike political aides such as Begala, who are expected to do political dirty work, the Cabinet members are public servants who should be kept away from such sleaze.)

b) Were lied to by Clinton.

c) Loyal.

Slate rating: +3

Erskine Bowles (The public's rating: Doesn't care)


a) Refused to involve himself in the critical issue of the presidency.

b) Stood aside while White House was shanghaied by lawyers.

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