The Flytrap Blame Game
The Flytrap Blame Game
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Aug. 29 1998 3:30 AM

The Flytrap Blame Game

Who really deserves sympathy? And who doesn't? Slate keeps score.

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a) Has known about Clinton's woman problem since 1992.

b) Happily parroted Clinton's denial despite knowing that Clinton was a deceitful womanizer.

c) Has not expressed the slightest chagrin or disappointment since Clinton's apology.

d) Has not retreated from vicious attacks on Starr, despite evidence of Clinton's lies.



a) Perfectly loyal.

b) Consistent in attacks against Starr.

Slate rating: -5

Bruce Lindsey (The public's rating: To be determined)


a) Not yet known what he did to protect Clinton from the Lewinsky affair. Early signs suggest he knew a lot and helped clean it up.


a) Unquestionably loyal to his boss.

b) Silent.

Slate rating--Not enough information to make a clean guess: Approx -5

Vernon Jordan (The public's rating: +3)


a) May have known and must have suspected that Lewinsky was a mistress (given that he and Clinton are confidants, it's hard to believe that Jordan was totally in the dark about her).

b) Protected too readily by Washington establishment.


a) May have helped Lewinsky simply because he's bighearted and generous not because she was the president's lover.

Slate rating: -4

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