The Flytrap Blame Game

The Flytrap Blame Game

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Aug. 29 1998 3:30 AM

The Flytrap Blame Game

Who really deserves sympathy? And who doesn't? Slate keeps score.

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a) No sense of proportionality. Coverage is wretchedly excessive even when it shouldn't be.

b) Endlessly self-involved. How many stories have you seen about the media and the scandal?

c) Unforgiving. The media want the scandal to continue, hence won't ever be satisfied that Clinton has suffered enough.


a) Worked hard to break a very important story and investigated the hell out of it.

b) Unfairly savaged by hypocritical American people (see above).

Slate rating: +1

Leon Panetta (The public's rating: +1)


a) Slightly disloyal to old boss.