Books by Slate staff and contributors.

Books by Slate Staff and Contributors

Books by Slate Staff and Contributors

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Sept. 20 2016 11:00 AM

Slate Books

A roundup of recent books by Slate staff and contributors.

Sticks and Stones

Emily Bazelon is co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest, New York Times Magazine staff writer, and former Slate senior editor. She is the author of Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy.

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John Dickerson is a Slate political columnist, co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest, host of the Whistlestop podcast, and moderator of Face the Nation on CBS. He is the author, most recently, of Whistlestop: My Favorite Stories From Presidential Campaign History. He is also the author of On Her Trail, a biography of his late mother, television newscaster Nancy Dickerson.

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A Few Seconds of Panic

Stefan Fatsis is co-host of Slate’s Hang Up and Listen. His most recent book is A Few Seconds of Panic: A Sportswriter Plays in the NFL.

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How Soccer Explains the World

Franklin Foer, a Slate contributing editor, is the author of How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. He is also co-editor of Jewish Jocks: An Unorthodox Hall of Fame with Marc Tracy. He is currently writing a book about the dark side of Silicon Valley.

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The Goddess Pose

Michelle Goldberg is a columnist for Slate and the author, most recently, of The Goddess Pose: The Audacious Life of Indra Devi, the Woman Who Helped Bring Yoga to the West.

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Better, Stronger, Faster

• Read Daniel Gross on Slate.

Just Around Midnight

Jack Hamilton is Slate’s pop critic and a professor at the University of Virginia. His first book, Just Around Midnight: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imagination, is available from Harvard University Press.

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Dark Territory

Fred Kaplan is Slate’s War Stories columnist and the author, most recently, of Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War. He also wrote the Pulitzer Prize finalist and New York Times best-seller The Insurgents, 1959: The Year Everything Changed, and Daydream Believers: How a Few Grand Ideas Wrecked American Power.

Facing Future

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Dan Kois, Slate culture editor and co-host of the Mom and Dad Are Fighting podcast, is the author of Facing Future. He is currently writing a book called How to Be a Family, as well as co-writing an oral history of Angels in America with Isaac Butler.


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Me v. Everybody

Dahlia Lithwick, who writes about courts and the law for Slate and hosts the Amicus podcast, co-authored Me v. Everybody: Absurd Contracts for an Absurd World with Brandt Goldstein. She also wrote the online novel Saving Face.

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The Magician’s Book

Laura Miller is a books and culture columnist for Slate and the author of The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia. She also co-edited The Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Authors with Adam Begley.


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The Next Next Level

Leon Neyfakh, a Slate staff writer, is the author of The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up.

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The Index Card

Helaine Olen is a Slate columnist and host of the United States of Debt Slate Academy series. She is most recently the co-author of The Index Card with Harold Pollack.


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Weapons of Math Destruction

Cathy O’Neil is co-host of the Slate Money podcast, blogger, and former Wall Street quant. Her latest book, Weapons of Math Destruction, is available now from Crown Publishing.

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Innocent Experiments

Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer. Her first book, Innocent Experiments: Childhood and the Culture of Popular Science in the United States, is available from the University of North Carolina Press.


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The Long Goodbye

Meghan O’Rourke, a Slate culture critic and contributor to the Audio Book Club, is most recently the author of The Long Goodbye.

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Texts from Jane Eyre

Mallory Ortberg is Slate’s Dear Prudence columnist, host of the Dear Prudence podcast, co-founder of the Toast, and the author of Texts From Jane Eyre.


• Read Mallory Ortberg on Slate.

The Idealist

Justin Peters is a Slate correspondent and the author of The Idealist: Aaron Swartz and the Rise of Free Culture on the Internet.

• Read Justin Peters on Slate.

Phil Plait

Phil Plait writes the Bad Astronomy blog on Slate and is the author of Death From the Skies! He also co-wrote 2^7 Nerd Disses: A Significant Quantity of Disrespect with Zach Weinersmith.


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Good Book

David Plotz is the CEO of Atlas Obscura, host of the Political Gabfest, and former editor in chief of Slate. He is the author, most recently, of Good Book: The Bizarre, Hilarious, Disturbing, Marvelous, and Inspiring Things I Learned When I Read Every Single Word of the Bible, based on his “Blogging the Bible” series for Slate.

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The End of Men

Hanna Rosin is a founding editor of Slate’s DoubleX, contributor to the DoubleX Gabfest, and co-host of NPR’s Invisibilia. She is most recently the author of The End of Men and co-wrote Are Men Obsolete? with Maureen Dowd, Caitlin Moran, and Camille Paglia.

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The Unknowns

Gabriel Roth, a Slate senior editor and the editorial director of Slate Plus, is the author of the novel The Unknowns.

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Grand New Party

Reihan Salam is a Slate columnist and co-wrote Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream with Ross Douthat.

• Read Reihan Salam on Slate.

Bearing Right

William Saletan writes about politics, science, technology, and other stuff for Slate. He’s the author of Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War.

• Read William Saletan on Slate.

Schadenfreude: A Love story.

Rebecca Schuman is a Slate contributor. She is the author of Kafka and Wittgenstein as well as Schadenfreude: A Love Story, now available from Flatiron Books.

• Read Rebecca Schuman on Slate.

Grounded by Seth Stevenson

Seth Stevenson, a Slate contributor, is the author of Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World, in which he documents his travels around the globe without leaving the ground.

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Ronald Reagan

Jacob Weisberg is chairman and editor in chief of The Slate Group, as well as the host of Trumpcast. His most recent book is Ronald Reagan: The American Presidents Series: The 40th President, 1981–1989. He is the co-author, with Robert E. Rubin, of In an Uncertain World; and the author of the New York Times best-seller The Bush Tragedy, as well as In Defense of Government and the Bushisms series.

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Break in Case of Emergency

Jessica Winter, Slate’s features editor, is the author of the novel Break in Case of Emergency.

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