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Dear Prudence

Where Do You Get Off?

My wife always said she couldn’t orgasm during sex. But she can—just not with me.

July 29 2015 3:01 PMAliens at the Engagement PartyMy husband-to-be has a serious interest in UFOs.
July 28 2015 3:43 PMDear Prudence Live ChatFor Aug. 4, 2015
July 23 2015 5:00 AMTouchy TutorialI suspect my friend of grooming an 11-year-old girl for molestation.
July 21 2015 9:00 AMHome InvasionPrudie advises a letter writer whose parents are moving close enough to stop by anytime.
July 16 2015 5:00 AMSkinheads Need to Shop, TooI was reluctant to serve a neo-Nazi customer. Was that bad of me?
July 14 2015 9:27 AMHappy Birthday, You’re Going to DiePrudie advises a letter writer whose elderly friend was ambushed with an end-of-life form at a party.
July 9 2015 5:00 AMFoot LooseMy fiancé flips out when I put my bare feet on the coffee table.
July 7 2015 6:00 AMNot on That HillPrudie advises a woman who gets a lot of annoying Hillary Clinton jokes.
July 2 2015 5:00 AMThe Silent GoodbyeI might be dying. Should I tell my friends, or spare them the pain of saying farewell?
June 29 2015 4:03 PMSomething Old for Something NewThis special weddings season, we’ve collected the best Dear Prudence wedding advice from past chats.
June 24 2015 2:40 PMStaying for Mr. RightIf I move away from a great guy I’m not ready to marry, will I regret it later?
June 22 2015 3:08 PMBlack and White IssueMy white wife won’t let us use a black sperm donor because it’s “safer” not to.
June 18 2015 5:30 AMMad DadMy 10-year-old daughter is angry all the time, and it’s my fault.
June 16 2015 5:30 AMLipstick on a KidPrudie counsels a young woman who put makeup on her nieces—to their mother’s chagrin.
June 11 2015 6:00 AMGenderium Changio!My wife won’t stop calling Harry Potter “Harriet” when she reads to our daughter.
July 29 2015 2:41 PM“If You’ve Got a Good Solution, I’m Going to Steal It for a Future Answer.”Dear Prudence and The Gist follow up with “Creeped Out,” a letter writer with an unfriendly co-worker.
July 27 2015 3:11 PMWhat a TripThe best Dear Prudence vacation advice, in time for the peak of summer.
July 22 2015 4:06 PMMy Boyfriend Crossed the LineI dumped my man after I found out he got a drink with a flirtatious colleague.
July 20 2015 3:41 PMBiological FavoritesPrudie counsels a man whose wife wants to take her son on a vacation and not his kids.
July 15 2015 3:40 PMObligation to an Ailing PetMy cat has a terminal illness. Should I cancel my two-week European tour to stay by his side?
July 13 2015 2:57 PMMy Baby Just Cares for MePrudie counsels a letter writer whose wife is crushed that the baby doesn’t like her as much.
July 8 2015 2:05 PMConfederate Flag DilemmaSomeone in my apartment complex flies a Confederate flag. What can I do?
July 6 2015 3:20 PMYouthful DiscretionPrudie counsels a man disturbed by his wife’s sexual encounters in college.
July 1 2015 7:12 PMA Question of Art and CommerceWould it be callous to try to sell a dead friend’s art to his family for money I need?
June 25 2015 6:30 AMMom and Dad Are WatchingI gave my parents remote access to our baby monitor. Huge mistake.
June 23 2015 8:39 AMRound-Trip FlightMy husband disappeared for five weeks and returned without explanation.
June 19 2015 11:12 AMImprudently YoursDoes Dear Prudence read her comments?
June 17 2015 3:13 PMSummer Vacation With the In-LawsMy husband’s mother cries because we’re splitting time with other family members.
June 15 2015 3:49 PMSins of the FleshPrudie advises a letter writer dating a man who had an unsavory reputation at his religious Southern school.
June 10 2015 5:26 PMOfficemate Whistles While He WorksMy co-worker whistles every day, and it’s driving me mad.