Dear Prudence
Dear Prudence


Prudie advises a sexually inexperienced woman whose boyfriend has been to orgies.

Oct. 12 2015 3:31 PMMo’ Money, Mo’ ProblemsMore from Dear Prudence, only for Slate Plus members. 
Oct. 8 2015 6:10 AMTop-Down ManagementMy boss wants to tell work we’re dating, but I’m the one who has to quit.
Oct. 5 2015 2:58 PMBattle of the Baby NamePrudie advises a woman incredibly hurt that another couple gave their baby a name similar to theirs.
Oct. 3 2015 12:00 PMBoyfriend Who’s Gone M.I.A.He’s being forced to work 100-hour weeks by his famous tech company.
Sept. 29 2015 6:00 AMSouthern DiscomfortPrudie advises a student who feels pressure to take scholarship money from a Confederate organization.
Sept. 26 2015 2:06 PMCaretaker Who Wants to EscapeI do everything for my aging partner, but he’s offended I want to vacation alone.
Sept. 22 2015 9:07 AMMake a Name for YourselfPrudie advises a parent whose son’s name has an unfortunate meaning in their new country’s language.
Sept. 19 2015 1:00 PMThe STD Talk That Didn’t HappenI slept with a man without telling him I have herpes.
Sept. 16 2015 9:40 AMTo Like and to CherishPrudie advises a man whose wife has no idea they met because he saw her first on social media.
Sept. 12 2015 1:03 PMPage-TurnerI read my girlfriend’s sex diaries, and I can’t stop thinking about her past lovers.
Sept. 9 2015 9:02 AMCold ComfortPrudie advises a woman whose husband put their dying pet rat in the freezer.
Sept. 5 2015 1:00 PMMeet Not-So-CuteI don’t want my husband to tell people we met in recovery.
Sept. 1 2015 9:03 AMYou Look Just Like HerPrudie counsels a woman whose husband wants her to dress up during sex—as someone they know.
Aug. 30 2015 9:15 PMHomewrecker at the WeddingHow should I include my father’s girlfriend at my nuptials?
Aug. 25 2015 9:17 AMRubbed the Wrong WayPrudie counsels a letter writer whose husband wants foot massages from their daughter.
Oct. 10 2015 3:18 PMMy Super Secret MarriageCan I marry my boyfriend for insurance but keep it from my family?
Oct. 6 2015 5:45 AMTrust FailPrudie advises a woman who doesn’t want kids, so had an abortion without telling her husband.
Oct. 5 2015 2:50 PMHelp! I Want to Read More Dear Prudence.Prudie answers more of your questions, for Slate Plus members. 
Oct. 1 2015 5:45 AMSinking FeelingI don’t know what my disturbed friend will do if we go on this cruise she planned.
Sept. 28 2015 3:28 PMWrecked ReputationPrudie counsels a letter writer on whether to tell the truth about a friend who died—and killed someone—driving drunk.
Sept. 24 2015 5:45 AMApple as My EyeMy live-in girlfriend used her iPad to spy on my daughter.
Sept. 21 2015 3:33 PMBrothers’ BluesPrudie advises a man who cheated on his girlfriend, but she’s punishing his brother instead.
Sept. 17 2015 8:45 AMUrine TroubleMy nephew walked in on me peeing. Now his mother has started telling people I’m “pervy.”
Sept. 15 2015 4:19 PMMan ServantPrudie offers counsel about a man whose wife stays home and berates him while he works two jobs.
Sept. 10 2015 6:02 AMTrumped UpMy mother’s vitriolic support for the Donald is jeopardizing her job—and our relationship.
Sept. 8 2015 2:51 PMI Won’t Be Home for ChristmasPrudie counsels a woman whose sister makes family holiday visits miserable.
Sept. 3 2015 5:30 AMLong-Lost FriendMy best friend died in the second grade. I want to share how special she was before I forget.
Aug. 31 2015 3:38 PMGiant Sucking SoundPrudie offers advice about a co-worker who pumps breast milk in the middle of the open office.
Aug. 26 2015 10:00 AMAshley Madison? Don’t Know Her.I found my husband in the cheating website’s hacked user list.
Aug. 24 2015 3:00 PMTake My Breath AwayPrudie advises a woman turned off by her date’s fart.