Slate Money

The “Read These Books” Edition

Slate Money on new and old money-themed reads with special guests John Lanchester and Jake Halpern.

Oct. 11 2014 7:07 AMThe “Bad Advice” EpisodeSlate Money—with special guest Anil Dash—on tech company breakups, the AIG trial, and where to invest your non-retirement money.
Sept. 28 2014 12:06 PMThe “F--k It, I Quit” EpisodeSlate Money with Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal on the fall of the “bond king,” Yahoo's negative stock value, and what happens when you know your co-workers' salaries.
Sept. 15 2014 10:09 AMDoes Scottish Independence Make Economic Sense?Slate Money on Scotland’s referendum, a banking regulation’s impact on infrastructure, and how education affects earnings.
Aug. 30 2014 7:30 AMHouse of Cards: Magic and ProbabilitySlate Money on card tricks, tech valuations, and investing in professional athletes.
Aug. 16 2014 7:36 AMSlate Money: The Payday EditionSlate Money on payday loans, BuzzFeed’s latest valuation, and the value of data scientists.
Aug. 2 2014 7:10 AMBabies and BurgersSlate Money on the business of surrogacy, a landmark McDonald's labor ruling, and Argentina's debt default (again).
July 19 2014 11:58 AMSlate Money on the Many Merchants of Death
July 5 2014 11:00 AMSlate Money: The Monetizing Others EpisodeSlate Money on New York's secretive real estate, big data in health care, and GM’s many recalls.
June 21 2014 11:11 AMWhy Argentina Should Default ... AgainSlate Money on Amazon’s new phone, the effect of the crisis in Iraq on the oil market, and Argentina’s loss at the Supreme Court.
June 7 2014 5:19 PMWall Street’s Toughest JudgeSlate Money on Judge Jed Rakoff, the European Central Bank, and the saga of billionaire Steven A. Cohen.
May 24 2014 8:41 AMBen Bernanke’s Big PaydaySlate Money on the former Fed chairman’s top-dollar speaking tour.
May 10 2014 12:18 PMThe Debut of Slate MoneyListen to the debut of Slate’s new weekly business podcast.
Oct. 4 2014 1:11 PMThe “Second Guessing Lehman” EpisodeSlate Money on whether we should have let Lehman Brothers fail and the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
Sept. 20 2014 7:12 AMThe Froth Is Nonlinear: The Chinese Economy and Share RepurchasingSlate Money on the gender pay gap, whether China is the new Japan, and the reason so many companies are buying back their own stock.
Sept. 6 2014 7:19 AMSlate Money Talks Dollars and SenseListen to Slate’s show on former congressmen working for Wall Street, dollar-store mergers, and premium bonds.
Aug. 23 2014 7:15 AMThe Ethics of Buying StocksSlate Money on tech deals minus the bankers, Amazon’s new payment system, and answers to listener questions.
Aug. 9 2014 7:00 AMSlate Money: The Impenetrable Business Jargon EditionListen to Slate’s show on financial gobbledygook, corporate "living wills" vs. "Too Big to Fail" and the battle over the estate of Robert Rauschenberg.
July 26 2014 6:55 AMSlate Money on How Herbalife Dodged an Attempted “Death Blow”
July 12 2014 1:32 PMThe Cupcake IndicatorSlate Money on endings: quantitative easing, the American Apparel leadership, and big cupcake.
June 28 2014 3:14 PMFrom Wall Street Dark Pools to Puerto Rican Swimming PoolsSlate Money on Aereo’s Supreme Court loss, and rich people flocking to Puerto Rico.
June 14 2014 7:00 AMSpinoffs, Write-downs, and Techie TaxisSlate Money on Uber vs. Europe, Time Warner’s magazine spinoff, and Larry Summers’ favorite book.
May 31 2014 4:03 PMMoney and the Media  Slate Money on Apple’s purchase of Beats, Amazon’s fight with Hachette, and Thomas Piketty’s defense of his data.
May 17 2014 11:38 AMThe Unbearable Modesty of Tim GeithnerSlate Money on the new book Stress Test, Christine Lagarde’s disinvitation, and more.