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The Migration Edition

Columbia economist Suresh Naidu joins Slate Money to talk migrants, refugees, and work visas. 

Aug. 22 2015 2:03 AMThe White-Collar Whine EditionThe Slate Money crew discusses the harsh culture of working as an Amazon executive and whether unpaid internships will soon be a thing of the past.
Aug. 8 2015 8:41 AMThe Marriage EditionJenny Anderson joins Slate Money to discuss the economics of weddings, chores, and adultery.
July 25 2015 2:02 AMThe Public Exposure EditionThe Slate Money crew on the outing of adulterers, evil banks, and one money-hungry media company.
July 11 2015 2:00 AMThe Technical Difficulties EditionSlate Money discusses this week’s outage on Wall Street, the crash of the Chinese stock market, and the restaurant reservation industry.
June 27 2015 2:06 AMThe Punch Bowl EditionOur hosts answer your questions about the Fed, inflation and equities, and the financial crises in Greece and Argentina.
June 13 2015 2:05 AMThe Cost of Employment EditionAbove the Law’s Elie Mystal talks about quitting big law, quitting your student debt, and quitting—whether you like it or not—your job as Twitter’s CEO.
May 30 2015 2:01 AMThe Random Rules EditionGoogle’s virtual reality Cardboard, media consolidation big and small, and what the FIFA folks did wrong.
May 16 2015 2:02 AMThe Business of Fertility
May 2 2015 2:03 AMWhen Podcasters Get Married 
April 18 2015 2:00 AMThe Warren Buffett EditionSlate Money on the man, the fortune, and the future of Berkshire Hathaway.
April 4 2015 2:05 AMThe Revolting EditionSlate Money on subprime auto loans, CEOs vs. states, and the biggest fund to divest from fossil fuels.
March 21 2015 2:03 AMThe Literary EditionJournalist Alissa Quart shares her first book of poetry, then chats with Slate Money about Wall Street bonuses and the late David Foster Wallace’s tax advice.
March 7 2015 2:01 AMThe Money for Nothing EditionSlate Money on whether Wu-Tang Clan’s album can sell like fine art, a stock plunge for Lumber Liquidators, and the reasons why we have patent trolls. 
Feb. 21 2015 2:06 AMThe Don’t Be Evil EditionSlate Money on the secretly evil world of government debt collectors, not-so-evil employee pay raises at Walmart, and oversize valuations for an uber-evil car sharing service
Feb. 7 2015 2:01 AMSlate Money on Net Neutrality
Aug. 15 2015 9:12 AMThe Live Long and Prosper EditionAuthor Manu Saadia joins Slate Money to discuss the economics of the Star Trek universe.
Aug. 1 2015 2:01 AMThe National Politics EditionLaw professor and author Zephyr Teachout joins the Slate Money crew to discuss money in campaigns, money in Puerto Rico, and money in Hillary’s speech.
July 18 2015 2:02 AMThe Greece EditionSlate Money on the eurozone backstory, Greece's failures, and what it means to have unsustainable debt.
July 4 2015 2:00 AMThe Wine EditionKarl Storchmann of the Journal of Wine Economics discusses how wine ratings affect prices and how to decide what to spend on your bottle.
June 20 2015 2:00 AMThe Jordan-o-Rama EditionUniversity of Wisconsin math professor Jordan Ellenberg stops by to talk about beating the lottery, academia’s tenure conundrum, and whether Uber drivers are employees.
June 6 2015 2:18 AMThe Time to Grow Up EditionSlate Money talks with the New York Times’ Ron Lieber about his new book for parents, the worst charity you could give your money to, and the need to insure Uber drivers.
May 23 2015 2:05 AMA Tour of the Cuban Economy
May 9 2015 2:02 AMThe Shaking Things Up EditionSlate Money asks: How bad are U.S. airports, what just happened in the U.K. election, and what exactly are Elizabeth Warren and David Vitter trying to do to the Fed?
April 25 2015 2:03 AMThe Trying to Be Clever Edition Author and “Sketch Guy” columnist Carl Richards joins Slate Money to talk about financial planning, billionaire whimsy, and the flash crash.
April 11 2015 2:00 AMThe Lemons EditionSlate Money on why college is so expensive, the economics of the California drought, and letters from listeners.
March 28 2015 2:02 AMThe Podcast PodcastSlate Money on the business of podcasting, with special guests Alex Blumberg and Will Mayo.
March 14 2015 2:03 AMThe Automatic for the People EditionSlate Money on odious debt as an international power play, Charles Schwab’s plan to create a robo-adviser, and the Apple smartwatch.
Feb. 28 2015 2:00 AMThe Shiny New Things EditionSlate Money on the new Panoply podcast network, Google’s new headquarters, and students taking a stand against college debt. 
Feb. 14 2015 2:00 AMThe Exotic Fantasies EditionSlate Money on Greece’s showdown with its European lenders, Expedia’s takeover of the online travel industry, plus Fifty Shades of Grey and the sexiness of billionaires.
Jan. 31 2015 7:16 AMThe Sports EditionSlate Money on paying college athletes, the real cost of sports stadiums, and the outsized salary of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.