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Trump, Drug Smuggling, and the Opioid Crisis

Here’s what’s making the crisis so bad.

Feb. 13 2019 4:00 AMTrumpcast Live in L.A.Three Trumpcast hosts, two comedians, and a lot of Trump news to cover.
Feb. 4 2019 9:00 PMCalling Out Jared Kushner’s Insecure ClearanceAnother dangerous person is allowed to freewheel in government.
Jan. 28 2019 6:30 PMA (Roger) Stone in a BarrelPay attention to what the Mueller indictment doesn’t say.
Jan. 22 2019 11:38 AMThe Democratic Approach to Immigration in 2020Exploring Democratic polls on support for the border wall.
Jan. 15 2019 7:18 AMThe Compromises That Create Kremlin Double AgentsBribery or blackmail? Pick your poison.
Jan. 8 2019 12:50 PMThe “Successful” Political Candidate Template for 2020We explore current candidate strategies, and what may come, on the long campaign road ahead.
Dec. 28 2018 8:30 PMWading Through the Democratic Presidential PoolLeón Krauze assesses the potential candidates with NPR’s Scott Detrow.
Dec. 24 2018 4:00 PMExplaining Trump to Young AdultsWe chat with the author of the Trump YA biography Unpresidented.
Dec. 18 2018 6:00 PMTrump’s 2013 Deal With Aras AgalarovAfter making known his intentions to run for the U.S. presidency, Trump went to Moscow and signed with “Putin’s builder.”
Dec. 11 2018 6:44 PMA Letter to My Family Regarding the Mueller Investigation
Dec. 8 2018 9:50 AMAnd Now, James ComeyPondering his testimony and complexities.
Nov. 30 2018 8:30 PMIt’s All About MogilevichHow Trump Tower is like WeWork for the mafia.
Nov. 26 2018 7:01 PMTrump’s Ex-Associates Hit the CourtsCatching up on George Papadopoulos, Jerome Corsi, and Roger Stone.
Nov. 20 2018 9:27 AMTrump Cocoons Into His Bad MoodThe election losses weren’t good for his brand.
Nov. 14 2018 12:05 PMIs Your Candidate Racist? Apply the Gillum Test.Following the GOP candidates’ amped-up, slippery-slope racism this election season.
Feb. 9 2019 12:00 PMThe BuzzFeed Revelations on TrumpA deep one-on-one with reporter Anthony Cormier.
Jan. 30 2019 5:30 PMThe Collusion Story Info SpectrumDetermining narrative arcs ahead of a Mueller report.
Jan. 24 2019 9:23 AMHow the FBI Investigates a PresidentPutting your feelings aside to do your duty.
Jan. 17 2019 10:17 AMMake Conservatives Great AgainWhere is the line between Donald Trump and conservatism?
Jan. 10 2019 8:30 PMBeacons Through Autocratic GaslightingThis is how the tactic distorts your view of objective truth.
Jan. 3 2019 1:08 PMNo Sir, Romney Doesn’t Like ItBut why is he talking tough about Trump now?
Dec. 26 2018 10:00 PMWill the Trump Administration Help Central America?How to make a difference in the region.
Dec. 20 2018 10:58 AMA Foxhole in the CyberwarA roundtable discussion on Russia, info tech, and what Trump truly wanted from the country’s oligarchy.
Dec. 14 2018 11:29 PMTrump, the NRA, and More Illegal ActivityZooming into how coordinated 2016 ad placements may have broken the law.
Dec. 11 2018 1:47 PMThe Depths of Disinformation in 2016A play-by-play of what first helped bury the Trump-Russia story.
Dec. 5 2018 8:00 PMThose ’80s Moments That Politicized TrumpWe explore why the Trump-Russia story goes back decades.
Nov. 28 2018 8:00 PMWhodunit? Solving Trumpian Mysteries With A.G. of Mueller She WroteWe go deeper into the weeds on Paul Manafort, Russian oligarchs, and Oleg Deripaska.
Nov. 21 2018 8:00 PMThe Disaster of Trump’s Disaster ManagementHis response to wildfires and other disasters makes things worse.
Nov. 19 2018 10:16 AMThirsting for IndictmentsThe election is over and so is Mueller’s quiet period. We read the tea leaves.
Nov. 12 2018 10:58 AMPost-Election Truths of the CaravanThe migrant caravan story was all over media during the election, but now you don’t hear much. Here’s what the pundit machine missed.