Caesar Non Supra Grammaticos

Is Donald Trump above the grammarians? No.

April 28 2017 3:34 PMThe Land of Lousy OptionsRead what a North Korea expert told Trumpcast about the escalating tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.
April 24 2017 12:41 PMOpaque and ConflictedWhat happens when an administration doesn’t take ethics seriously?
April 24 2017 12:23 PMLessons From Georgia’s 6th DistrictWhat can the Democrats take away from Jon Ossoff’s strong showing in a Republican district?
April 17 2017 12:34 PMNorth Korea’s Missile Testing SeasonThere are no good options for Donald Trump in North Korea. That’s frightening.
April 11 2017 9:25 AMArticles of ImpeachmentCorruption, abuse of power, and the violation of democratic norms could ultimately lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.
April 7 2017 3:58 PMDefining the Mission in SyriaWith the U.S. launching missile strikes against Syria, what will our foreign policy look like in the future?
April 7 2017 10:54 AMChina. China? China!What the meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping could mean for future relations between the United States and China.
April 3 2017 11:38 AMThe Prelude to a Massive Intraparty BattleThe fight within the Republican Party is only just starting.
March 24 2017 2:38 PMThe Health Care Vote That Wasn’tWhy the Republicans didn’t have the votes to pass the American Health Care Act on Thursday.
March 22 2017 12:26 PMDo Sane People DVR Cable News?
March 16 2017 10:41 AMMuch Ado About Nothing? Or Something?The president’s 2005 tax return was no smoking gun, but it can be seen as a window into his tax plan.
March 13 2017 12:09 PMA History of Racist IdeasHow have racist ideas come to exist in America, and what does this look like in the Trump administration?
March 7 2017 11:34 AMUndone by ScandalWill this administration go the way of Richard Nixon’s?
March 1 2017 4:27 PMTone vs. SubstanceHow the media reacted to Donald Trump’s remarkably hinged speech to Congress.
Feb. 27 2017 4:25 PMWhat About Pence?Is the vice president performing all the real duties of the presidency?
April 27 2017 12:40 PMThe French Election ConnectionHow should Americans feel about the results of the French election?
April 24 2017 12:30 PMIdentity Politics in the Trump EraDid identity politics elect Donald Trump?
April 18 2017 12:48 PMThe Options for Impeaching TrumpA legal expert lays out three very strong cases.
April 13 2017 10:40 AMSo Many MenA closer look at the male relationships that dominate the Trump administration.
April 10 2017 11:31 AMGorka, Bannon, and the View From HungaryExamining Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka’s ties to Hungarian fascism.
April 7 2017 11:34 AMThe Implosion of Bill O’ReillyJoin Slate Plus to listen to Trumpcast’s conversation with Gabriel Sherman about the latest sexual harassment scandal at Fox News.
April 5 2017 4:28 PMThe Senate StandoffThe Republicans are set on confirming Neil Gorsuch. The Democrats are not. How will this change the Senate?
March 30 2017 1:23 PM666 Fifth Ave.The Kushner family is hemorrhaging money on a building in Manhattan. Who they turn to for a deal could raise conflicts of interest.
March 23 2017 7:34 PMThe State of the State DepartmentIs Rex Tillerson overseeing the dismantling of his own department?
March 20 2017 1:24 PMA Master Class in Bad LegislationHow Trump positioned himself disastrously on health care reform.
March 15 2017 4:04 PMThe Plot Against AmericaWhat Philip Roth’s novel can tell us about America today.
March 9 2017 5:36 PMA Safe House for RefugeesThe story of three refugees fleeing the United States for asylum in Canada.
March 6 2017 2:36 PMReese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Administration Scandal ResponseHow the Jeff Sessions scandal has played out, and where it goes from here.
Feb. 28 2017 4:14 PMTrump’s War With the PressVice President Pence has a strong record defending a free press. Has he gone AWOL?
Feb. 27 2017 4:03 PMTo Absorb or Not to Absorb?What are the stories we should stick to surrounding the Trump administration?