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A Letter to My Family Regarding the Mueller Investigation

Dec. 11 2018 1:47 PMThe Depths of Disinformation in 2016A play-by-play of what first helped bury the Trump-Russia story.
Dec. 5 2018 8:00 PMThose ’80s Moments That Politicized TrumpWe explore why the Trump-Russia story goes back decades.
Nov. 28 2018 8:00 PMWhodunit? Solving Trumpian Mysteries With A.G. of Mueller She WroteWe go deeper into the weeds on Paul Manafort, Russian oligarchs, and Oleg Deripaska.
Nov. 21 2018 8:00 PMThe Disaster of Trump’s Disaster ManagementHis response to wildfires and other disasters makes things worse.
Nov. 19 2018 10:16 AMThirsting for IndictmentsThe election is over and so is Mueller’s quiet period. We read the tea leaves.
Nov. 12 2018 10:58 AMPost-Election Truths of the CaravanThe migrant caravan story was all over media during the election, but now you don’t hear much. Here’s what the pundit machine missed.
Nov. 5 2018 6:55 PMTrump: Mohammed bin Salman Is FineAs you vote, spare a thought for state-sponsored assassination.
Oct. 29 2018 6:12 PMIn Brighter News: Paul ManafortCatching up on everyone’s favorite rat.
Oct. 23 2018 10:28 AMWhere the Trump Tweets BeganHow Trump’s use of social media influences politics.
Oct. 16 2018 11:20 AMTrumpcast Live: The U.S. Relationship With Mexico—Live From the 2018 Texas Tribune FestivalLeón Krauze speaks with two former U.S. ambassadors to Mexico on the state of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.
Oct. 10 2018 6:05 PMVindication at Last?Franklin Foer on the resurfacing story of Trump and Alfa Bank.
Oct. 3 2018 6:20 PMThe FBI Investigates KavanaughWho should they be talking to?
Sept. 14 2018 12:58 PMRaising Red Flags and the Story of Our TimeHow the Trump story is illuminating the crimes that typically go unpunished.
Sept. 7 2018 10:25 AMThe Brett Kavanaugh Hearings in the Shadow of a Chaotic White HouseAt the Senate it’s business as usual as the White House grows more and more dysfunctional.
Aug. 31 2018 10:21 AMA Campaign Finance Crash CourseWhat laws did Cohen break and how do they implicate the president?
Dec. 8 2018 9:50 AMAnd Now, James ComeyPondering his testimony and complexities.
Nov. 30 2018 8:30 PMIt’s All About MogilevichHow Trump Tower is like WeWork for the mafia.
Nov. 26 2018 7:01 PMTrump’s Ex-Associates Hit the CourtsCatching up on George Papadopoulos, Jerome Corsi, and Roger Stone.
Nov. 20 2018 9:27 AMTrump Cocoons Into His Bad MoodThe election losses weren’t good for his brand.
Nov. 14 2018 12:05 PMIs Your Candidate Racist? Apply the Gillum Test.Following the GOP candidates’ amped-up, slippery-slope racism this election season.
Nov. 8 2018 10:13 AMThe GOP Loves Voter SuppressionWhy the GOP suppresses votes, and how it helps the party win.
Nov. 1 2018 11:12 AMLatinos, Voting, and the “Blue Wave”Why there is, and isn’t, a coherent Latino vote.
Oct. 24 2018 6:07 PMHealth and Human Services and Transgender ErasureWhat does the leaked memo mean for transgender civil rights?
Oct. 19 2018 5:38 PMThe Midterm Elections Are Gonna Be LitKey district races we’re watching in New Jersey, Texas, and other states.
Oct. 11 2018 7:00 PMTrump, Sheldon Adelson, Shinzo Abe, and CasinosA new ProPublica report delves into Adelson’s ties to the president, and what he’s getting from Trump.
Oct. 5 2018 7:00 PMBenjamin Wittes Wouldn’t Confirm KavanaughThe Lawfare editor tells Virginia Heffernan why.
Sept. 20 2018 1:51 PMFord’s Credibility and Kavanaugh’s LiesWill Christine Blasey Ford publicly testify? Should we expect that of her?
Sept. 12 2018 11:58 AMThe New Trump RalliesIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to dress up abject failure.
Sept. 3 2018 5:00 AMA Tower in Toronto and the Story of KleptocracyTrump highlights how the lines between the illegitimate and the legitimate economy have blurred in the past decade.
Aug. 29 2018 12:16 PMSDNY, the Trump Organization, and PardonsWhat does Allen Weisselberg’s immunity deal mean for the president?