War Stories
War Stories

Trump Retreats From the West

The president’s performance in Paris was a stunning abdication of global leadership.

Nov. 7 2018 3:16 PMCould House Democrats Cancel the Pentagon’s Blank Check?Congress has a chance to exercise real oversight again.
Oct. 29 2018 3:54 PMTrump Makes a Run for the BorderThe president really wants troops to stop the caravan. But there’s not much for them to do.
Oct. 22 2018 10:44 AMTrump’s Missile MisfireThe president is rewarding the Russians for their bad behavior by pulling out of a key treaty.
Oct. 16 2018 3:58 PMPompeo Helps the Saudis Sweep a Murder Under the RugThe message is clear: You can get away with anything if you flatter Trump’s ego.
Oct. 11 2018 10:44 AMThe Military’s Cyber Defenses Are in Appallingly Bad ShapeOur ability to win a war may be in doubt.
Sept. 30 2018 3:06 PMTrump Said What About Kim Jong-un?Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse.
Sept. 24 2018 3:20 PMShowdown Over IranThe stage is set for a dramatic confrontation at this year’s U.N. General Assembly.
Sept. 13 2018 11:56 AMFalse SummitTrump and Kim plan to meet again, but North Korea still won’t give up its weapons.
Aug. 30 2018 3:49 PMIs Mattis Next Out the Door?Trump’s latest tweetstorm doesn’t look promising for the secretary of defense.
Aug. 17 2018 12:02 AMSpy vs. PresidentThe nation’s top former intelligence officials come together to issue a stunning rebuke to Trump.
Aug. 15 2018 3:47 PMMaximum OverrideTrump says he’ll just ignore the parts of the new defense bill he doesn’t like.
Aug. 7 2018 2:29 PMRegime Change By Any Other NameThere’s only one plausible motive for Trump’s Iran policy.
July 27 2018 6:29 PMThe “Reverse Kissinger” Theory of Trump and Putin Doesn’t Hold UpObservers want to believe there’s a grand strategy behind the president’s incoherent, disastrous foreign policy. There’s not.
July 18 2018 5:20 PMAccusing Trump of Treason Will Only Help HimThe facts are coming. There’s no need to leap beyond them.
July 16 2018 2:36 PMIt’s Resignation TimeTrump’s performance in Helsinki was a disgrace. Any member of his national security team who sticks with him now is doing a disservice to America.
Oct. 31 2018 4:41 PMToo Little Too Late in YemenPompeo and Mattis finally say they want to end the devastating conflict. But they’re far from getting serious about it.
Oct. 24 2018 2:19 PMNot Cyber Offensive EnoughThe U.S. could be doing a lot more to deter Russian meddling in the midterms.
Oct. 18 2018 5:45 PMThere’s No Path to Victory in AfghanistanThere never was.
Oct. 12 2018 11:50 AMTrump’s Saudi DelusionsThe president’s defense of arms sales to the kingdom isn’t just immoral—it’s inaccurate.
Oct. 4 2018 4:50 PMPompeo’s Doomed Mission to PyongyangThe secretary of state is being set up to fail in North Korea.
Sept. 26 2018 11:40 AMTrump Calls Out Election Meddling—by ChinaThis looks like an attempt to shift the blame if the Republicans lose badly in November.
Sept. 19 2018 11:54 AMClose, but No DenuclearizationA new agreement between North and South Korea makes clear that Kim isn’t giving up his nukes, and Trump isn’t interested in making him.
Sept. 4 2018 5:28 PMThe Middle East’s Tinderbox Is Heating Up AgainThere are danger signs all over the region, and Trump seems totally unprepared.
Aug. 28 2018 4:22 PMThe North Korea Peace Process Is All in Trump’s HeadIt can’t collapse because it doesn’t exist.
Aug. 16 2018 2:41 PMTrump’s Petty, Dangerous Campaign Against John BrennanThe former CIA director doesn’t really need his clearance, but it’s a dangerous warning sign to others.
Aug. 10 2018 10:44 AMDiplomatic DisunityAnother week of humiliation for America’s top envoys.
Aug. 3 2018 4:45 PMDemocracy, UnguardedWe can’t protect our elections from Russian interference if the president won’t even admit it’s happening.
July 24 2018 4:09 PMIran Is Not North KoreaAnd Trump’s new fight won’t end as easily as the last one.
July 17 2018 6:20 PMTrump Digs the Hole DeeperHis excuses and justifications for his performance in Helsinki were almost as bad as the debacle itself.
July 13 2018 3:44 PMRosenstein’s New Indictment Can’t Be Brushed AsideBut Trump will try, anyway.