War Stories
War Stories

Trump Has No Good Reason to Scrap the Iran Deal

The reasons his administration has put forth are dishonest and will make us less secure.

Sept. 19 2017 1:39 PMTrump’s Dark Vision for the WorldHis U.N. speech used his “America First” doctrine to justify dangerous hostility toward our enemies.
Sept. 15 2017 7:22 PMHarvard’s ShameThe Chelsea Manning and Michelle Jones debacles reveal the university’s poor judgment.
Sept. 8 2017 5:50 PMThe Info Wars to ComeRussia is weaponizing social media. It’s time we started defending ourselves.
Aug. 29 2017 5:21 PMYou’ll Miss the Administrative State When It’s GoneWe’re starting to see why it’s dangerous to leave so many government positions vacant.
Aug. 21 2017 11:23 PMKilling Terrorists Is Not a StrategyTrump’s Afghanistan speech gave little indication of how he plans to end America’s longest war.
Aug. 16 2017 2:06 PMChain of ConfusionMilitary commanders’ rebuke of Trump after Charlottesville points to a crisis for civilian control of the military.
July 27 2017 3:28 PMBrace Yourselves for Iran Deal RepealHow Trump could still blow up Obama’s crowning diplomatic achievement.
July 18 2017 4:49 PMThe Iran TrapTrump is stuck with Obama’s nuclear deal. And his efforts to undermine it can only help Tehran.
July 11 2017 5:53 PMTrump Has Nothing to Offer EuropeHis performance at the G-20 showed he has no interest in leading the Western world.
July 6 2017 5:54 AMTrump Meets PutinThis week, the president has to pull off the delicate feat of standing up to Russia without blowing up the relationship entirely. Worried yet?
June 21 2017 4:06 PMForeign Policy by TweetTrump is in no position to solve North Korea. We should be scared he will try.
June 15 2017 11:06 AMAn Abdication of DutyBy letting James Mattis decide U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, Trump is proving once again how unfit he is to lead.
June 9 2017 7:10 PMWhat Trump Doesn’t Know Will Hurt UsThe GOP excuse about Trump’s ignorance will lead America to disaster.
May 30 2017 6:01 PMMaking Enemies Out of FriendsTrump’s special antagonism toward Germany is stupid and dangerous.
May 22 2017 3:53 PMTrump’s Sunni StrategyThe president wants America to take sides in the Middle East’s sectarian rivalry. That won’t end well. 
Sept. 18 2017 1:25 PMTrump’s First U.N. Appearance Was a ClunkerBut why is the United Nations so worried about bureaucracy at a time like this?
Sept. 12 2017 5:20 PMIt’s Time to Talk to North KoreaIf Pyongyang is a nuclear power, diplomacy is one of our best options, even if it doesn’t yield much.
Sept. 5 2017 6:22 PMDon’t Panic About North KoreaThe same logic that has prevented nuclear war for decades will work on Kim Jong-un.
Aug. 28 2017 5:19 PMThe Secretary’s RebukeJames Mattis tells the troops that their president is failing them.
Aug. 17 2017 5:37 PMUgly History Shouldn’t Be BeautifulWhat Germany can teach the U.S. about remembering an ugly past without glorifying it.
Aug. 14 2017 4:22 PMThe Real Nuclear OptionAmericans are disturbingly unbothered by the idea of striking first with nuclear weapons.
July 25 2017 2:37 PMTrump’s Insecurity Is a Threat to Our SecurityThe president’s worries about his own illegitimacy have caused a rift with intelligence agencies.
July 13 2017 4:56 PMWith Trump, Flattery Will Get You EverywhereEmmanuel Macron gives a master class in pushing the president’s buttons.
July 7 2017 4:24 PMHandshake in HamburgTrump got through his first meeting with Putin without any major gaffes, but the Russian president emerged as the winner.
June 30 2017 11:54 AMThe NSA’s Inadvertent Role in the Major Cyberattack on UkraineThe agency is watching as one of its hacking tools wreaks havoc.
June 19 2017 5:17 PMNo Strategy in SyriaA downed jet, a Russian warning, and a president nowhere to be found.
June 14 2017 7:45 AMRussia’s Power TripThe country’s “new” weapon for disrupting electric grids should be a wake-up call.
June 5 2017 6:22 PMHow Trump Made the Qatar Situation WorseIt was far more complicated than he could have imagined.
May 25 2017 3:34 PMThe Tussle in BrusselsTrump has created another unnecessary crisis by failing to endorse NATO’s core principle.
May 16 2017 3:52 PMThe Tarnishing of H.R. McMasterOne of America’s finest soldiers has been dragged into Trump’s swamp of deceit.