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Mar 22, 7:11 AM Dear Prudence: The “Voyagers” Edition If I leave my narcissistic husband, does that put our children at risk?
Mar 15, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “P.S.A.” Edition The women in my office always leave pee on the toilet seat. Help!
Mar 8, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Dolly Dearest” Edition I’m scared of the doll my wife made for our child. Help!
Mar 1, 7:30 AM Dear Prudence: The “Workplace Politics” Edition I’m tired of hearing my co-workers talk about the election. Help!
Feb 22, 2:01 PM Dear Prudence: The “Cats Can Be Gay” Edition It drives me crazy when my lesbian friend calls inanimate objects “gay.” Help!
Feb 15, 7:03 AM Dear Prudence: The “Oppression Olympics” Edition My friend thinks his Irish heritage means he can’t be racist. Help!
Feb 8, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Line in the Sand” Edition My sister is accusing our family of homophobia, but her girlfriend is a bigot.
Feb 1, 9:59 AM Dear Prudence: The “Chasing Amy” Edition I’m gay, but I slept with a woman … and I liked it!
Jan 25, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Young Guns” Edition Prudie and writer Jane Coaston on how to handle a mom who keeps playing the cancer card, and more.
Jan 18, 1:15 PM Dear Prudence: The “Giving Tree” Edition I’m convinced my husband had an affair with his boss—can I email her?
Jan 11, 12:06 PM Dear Prudence: The “Family Matters” Edition Prudence and Juan-Pablo Brammer on low-key racism, in-law hookups, and other family affairs.
Jan 4, 2:00 PM Dear Prudence: The “Insomnia” Edition My best friend slept with my husband before he died. Should I confront her?
Dec 28, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Rocky II” Edition How can I persuade my wife to let me quit my job so I can play poker?
Dec 21, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Timing Is Everything” Edition How long to wait for a lover who’s missing at sea, the hard truth about finding true love, and the radical case for staying single.
Dec 14, 7:31 AM Dear Prudence: The “Death, Sex, and Money” Edition Anna Sale joins Prudie to answer questions about breakups and boundaries.
Dec 7, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: Live at the Now Hear This Podcast Festival My wife doesn’t speak English, and I’m sick of translating. Can I divorce her?
Nov 30, 7:19 AM Dear Prudence: The “Anger Management” Edition I secretly had a child with my pastor and gave her up for adoption. Do I tell her his name and ruin his life?
Nov 23, 10:13 AM Dear Prudence: The “Missing the Point” Edition Prudie stages an intervention with a woman who can’t quite admit that she’s a stalker.
Nov 16, 7:01 AM Dear Prudence: The “Either/Or” Edition Binary choices, a Prudie impostor, and the limits of civility after Trump.
Nov 9, 5:23 PM Dear Prudence: The “How Long?” Edition My fiancée’s mother is sick. Does that mean she has to live with us forever?
Nov 2, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Whaaaattt?!?” Edition It turns out my friends are really racist.
Oct 26, 7:15 AM Dear Prudence: The “Good Intentions” Edition What to do when your stepfather tries to “boost your confidence” by telling you how hot you are.
Oct 19, 8:04 AM Dear Prudence: The “Devil’s Advocate” Edition, Part 2 Man-whores, the limits of tradition, and why you should always use plasticware at family events.
Oct 12, 7:34 AM Dear Prudence: The “Devil’s Advocate” Edition Long-term grudges, marriage as an endurance sport, and the problem of the “benign” racist.
Oct 5, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Boundaries” Edition Setting boundaries at work, at home, and on your podcast.
Sep 28, 10:15 AM Dear Prudence: The “Creative Solutions” Edition Death-obsessed in-laws, ruining your husband’s closest friendship, and charging your friends when you roast them a chicken.
Sep 21, 6:01 AM Dear Prudence: The “Talk About It Now” Edition The great lie that is “he doesn’t really mean it.”
Sep 14, 10:27 AM Dear Prudence: The “Petty Revenge” Edition When your parents write you out of their wills, then ask you to host Thanksgiving.
Sep 7, 2:06 PM Dear Prudence: The “Do It in Song” Edition W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu join Prudie for a special musical episode.
Aug 31, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Time Is Not an Apology” Edition Why do people feel entitled to be rude to their friends?
Aug 24, 7:00 AM Dear Prudence: The “Little Red Hen” Edition A woman drops everything to move across the country for a relationship that didn’t work out—now what?
Aug 17, 7:30 AM The “Read the Room” Edition Prudence on freeloading relatives, vegetarian-trolling meat-eaters, and parents who fear armpit hair.
Aug 10, 11:41 AM Dear Prudence: The “Self-Indulgence Vs. Self-Care” Edition Is it OK to be happy, and how can I keep my fiancé from spending all of my money?
Aug 2, 2:17 PM Dear Prudence: The “You Can’t Treat People That Way” Edition Prudie and guest Jasmine Guillory draw some hard lines.
Jul 26, 5:19 PM Dear Prudence: The “Unconditional Love” Edition Questions of morality, decency, and the struggle to be your best self.
Jul 20, 10:49 AM Dear Prudence: The “Butt Out” Edition So your friends are irresponsible parents. How bad does it need to get before you call the cops?
Jul 13, 10:39 AM Dear Prudence: The “Regret Baby” Edition What to do when your husband shames you for your abortion.
Jul 6, 1:00 PM Dear Prudence: The “Transactional Relationships” Edition Prudie talks insurance fraud in the family, green card marriages, and pronoun abuse at the office.
Jun 30, 10:25 AM Dear Prudence: The “Sisters!” Edition Prudie talks sister pet drama, sister college drama, and sister bullying drama.
Jun 21, 7:30 AM Dear Prudence: The “Is This a Real Question?” Edition What do you do when your gay son wants to go to a religious college?