Fighting Words
Fighting Words

Beware the In-Laws

Was it a mistake for Kate to have a baby in this family?

Feb. 11 2013 12:47 PMMagni Catholica Super TegesPapa totam putredinem in vita mali sunt.
Aug. 22 2012 2:13 PM“I’m Not Fighting or Battling Cancer—It’s Fighting Me.”The “unpublished jottings” of Christopher Hitchens from his posthumous book, Mortality.
Dec. 17 2011 11:36 AMThe Road to MonticelloHow Christopher Hitchens came to love Thomas Jefferson.
Dec. 16 2011 5:11 PMThe Joyful Life of the Provocateur Hitchens taught me that provocation isn’t exhausting. It’s fun.
Dec. 16 2011 3:57 PMThe Ruined TableHitchens’ ideal: cigarette butts, toppled wineglasses, dirty plates, and a cacophony of argument.
Dec. 16 2011 3:15 PMGoodbye, ComradeEvery Christmas, Hitchens would come to my house and argue ferociously with Henry Fairlie.
Dec. 16 2011 2:32 PMAnd Lunch Turned Into Dinner …Being Hitchens’ friend meant talking, talking, talking.
Dec. 16 2011 12:18 PMHiring HitchensHow I got him to write for The Nation.
Dec. 16 2011 11:49 AMHitchens Teaches Me About Every War in the WorldFred Kaplan on Hitch’s dizzying knowledge of international relations.
Dec. 16 2011 11:22 AMHitchens Invites Me to BrunchAndrew Sullivan remembers his friend and fellow transplanted Englishman.
Dec. 16 2011 1:21 AM“Hitch, Did You Read My Novel?”Julian Barnes remembers an excruciating conversation with Christopher Hitchens.
Dec. 16 2011 1:19 AMCare To Meet for a Cheap Drink?For young D.C. journalists, nothing was headier than Hitchens’ boozy instruction in radical politics and literature.
Dec. 16 2011 1:17 AM“Eeyorish”Anyone who believes in the power of words will miss Hitchens.
Dec. 16 2011 12:58 AMSneaking Into Iraq With HitchensAnd smuggling in booze, too.
Nov. 28 2011 1:17 PMThe New GaffeHow the Republican presidential candidates are benefiting from their “gaffes”: They’re not unforgivable, just imprudent.
Aug. 27 2012 10:54 AMThe Last WordChristopher Hitchens’ widow on his life, his work, and his death.
Dec. 19 2011 12:46 PMA Cuban Dissident Remembers HitchensHe wrote a story about my husband and me in Vanity Fair, and never lost touch with us.
Dec. 17 2011 7:28 AMHow Silly—and Happy—We WereWhat happened when I introduced Hitchens to my then-boyfriend Martin Amis.
Dec. 16 2011 4:45 PMChristopher Hitchens: Always on the MarkBehind the scenes on the set of Crossfire.
Dec. 16 2011 3:52 PMThe Hitch Remembered EverythingEvery word. Every detail. His memory was astonishing and devastating.
Dec. 16 2011 3:09 PMA Rabbi and Hitchens Walk Into a Bar…I debated Hitchens six times. Here’s what it was like.
Dec. 16 2011 12:49 PMThe Hitch at HayHis terrible standup comedy routine, along with the greatest performance of his lifetime.
Dec. 16 2011 11:54 AMHitchens and I Shared an OfficeA very small, windowless office. Here’s what I learned about him.
Dec. 16 2011 11:25 AMLamb With LionA Sunday lunch with Hitchens, poolside in California.
Dec. 16 2011 11:05 AMChristopher Hitchens RememberedTributes to the journalist and intellectual from Julian Barnes, Anne Applebaum, James Fenton and others.
Dec. 16 2011 1:20 AMWhy Hitchens Became an AmericanHis friend James Fenton explains Hitchens’ great love of the United States.
Dec. 16 2011 1:18 AMBrilliant ContrarianismA delightful spat between Hitchens and Conrad Black, who owned the magazine he worked for.
Dec. 16 2011 1:05 AMHitch-10The 10 things that I found most admirable about Christopher Hitchens.
Dec. 16 2011 12:40 AM“Herewith, Hope It Serves. As Always, Christopher.”Christopher Hitchens’ greatest Slate hits.
Nov. 21 2011 11:20 AMIn God They TrustHow the conservative belief in American exceptionalism has become a matter of faith.