Hang Up and Listen bonus segment: Sexist tweets and baseball.

Is Sexism in Sports “Sadly Predictable”? A Hang Up and Listen Extra.

Is Sexism in Sports “Sadly Predictable”? A Hang Up and Listen Extra.

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Oct. 16 2015 12:02 PM

The “We Need More Jessica Mendozas” Bonus Segment

Emma Span of Sports Illustrated joins the Hang Up and Listen crew to quash the misogynistic Twitter chatter over one woman’s baseball milestone.


This week on the Slate Plus Hang Up and Listen bonus segment, hosts Stefan Fatsis and Mike Pesca welcome Sports Illustrated senior editor Emma Span to discuss the negative tweets that surfaced after Jessica Mendoza’s ESPN debut. What kind of pushback did the MLB’s first female postseason analyst receive via social media? Is this an inevitable response for female commentators, or are attitudes towards women in professional sports changing? And will sexist Twitter users please go away?

The hosts cite other female figures in sports and similar examples of ignorance. How will this depressing tradition of misogyny finally end? With more Jessica Mendozas, of course.

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