The “How Does an Event Planner Work?” Edition

Jacob Brogan talks to Faith Smith, director of Slate Live.

May 25 2016 10:30 AMThe Inner Workings of Studying Outer SpaceNASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan shares the projects she’s working on.
May 16 2016 4:24 PMThe “How Does NASA’s Chief Scientist Work?” EditionNASA’s Ellen Stofan tells us about coordinating research and studying extraplanetary volcanoes.
May 5 2016 10:12 AMHow to Run a Used BookstoreRead how one independent bookseller keeps business booming in the age of Amazon in this Working podcast transcript. 
April 27 2016 6:19 PMWhat It’s Like to Be a Dog Walker Read what a professional dog walker told Slate’s Working podcast about his workday and why he loves the job.
April 19 2016 5:23 PMWhat’s in Your Sausage? A gourmet D.C. butcher breaks down how he brings ethical animal practices from farm to table.
April 12 2016 3:01 PMHow This Bartender Translates Her Love of LiteratureThis booze- and book-lined nook is a literature lover’s paradise.  
April 6 2016 2:19 PMHow to Bring Order to Your Neighborhood’s BackyardsA landscape designer takes us behind the bushes for a peek at what it’s like to grow your own garden. 
March 10 2016 4:46 PMHow Does a Fitness Instructor Twerk—Um, Work? A D.C. Zumba guru chats about how she got her twerking classes started. 
March 7 2016 11:45 AMThe “What’s It Like to Be a Twerking Instructor?” EditionMeet a fitness instructor who tells you how to shake it, shake it.
March 1 2016 1:21 PMThe Duo Behind D.C.’s Best Asian Supermarket  Ikuyo and Yoshio Tanabe, owners of Hana Market, talk about what it’s like to run D.C.’s only Japanese supermarket.
Feb. 25 2016 4:04 PMHere’s How to Make It as a Pie-Baker and Business OwnerRachel E. Gross talks to Teeny Lamothe of Teeny Pies for Slate’s Working series.
Feb. 16 2016 12:26 PMHow to Make It as a Jewelry-Maker Slate learns the tricks of the trade from second-generation jewelry-maker Rachel Pfeffer.
Feb. 8 2016 11:45 AMThe “How Does a Jewelry-Maker Work?” EditionMeet Rachel Pfeffer, whose signature honeycomb necklace has been spotted on Beyoncé.
Jan. 5 2016 5:56 PMHow Does a Wine Portfolio Manager Work?Read what L.V. Anderson asked Andrew Mulligan about his job, from tasting wine to dealing with U.S. regulations. 
Dec. 21 2015 10:48 AMThe “How Does a Realtor Work?” EditionDo you ever really use what you learn in real-estate school?
May 17 2016 11:12 AMA People’s History of SlaveryThis exhibition at the upcoming National Museum of African American History and Culture seeks the human face of slavery.
May 11 2016 11:09 AMThe “How Does a Curator Work?” EditionMuseum specialist Mary Elliott talks about preparing a major installation for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.
May 2 2016 1:55 PMThe “How Does a Bookseller Work?” EditionA used-book merchant talks about running an independent shop in the age of Amazon.
April 25 2016 3:39 PMThe “How Does a Dog Walker Work?” EditionJason Mogavero is a dog walker with strong opinions about leashes.
April 18 2016 12:05 PMThe “How Does a Butcher Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to a butcher who works with whole animals and makes artisanal cured meats.
April 11 2016 1:10 PMThe “How Does a Bartender Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to a bartender who designs a new menu of literary cocktails every week.
April 4 2016 1:14 PMThe “How Does a Landscape Designer Work?” EditionMeet a landscaper who creates yards that express their owners’ selves.
March 8 2016 4:24 PMNot Your Average Cup of JoeA D.C. coffee chemist chats about his quest for the perfect roast and the community he built along the way. 
March 3 2016 1:15 PMCannabis With a Side of ScriptureThe owners of a D.C. dispensary discuss their dreams of selling pot to make their parents proud.
Feb. 29 2016 10:53 AMThe “What’s It Like to Run a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?” EditionMeet the rabbi and former hospital administrator who now run a pot dispensary.
Feb. 22 2016 11:37 AMThe “What’s It Like to Run D.C.’s Only Japanese Supermarket?” EditionMeet the couple that runs the best Asian supermarket in Washington, D.C.
Feb. 16 2016 11:19 AMThe “How Does a Professional Pie-Baker Work?” EditionMeet the actress-turned-baker who makes 400 pies a week.
Feb. 1 2016 11:59 AMThe “How Does a Coffee Roaster Work?” EditionMeet someone who gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.
Dec. 28 2015 5:41 PMHow Does a Realtor Work?Read what L.V. Anderson asked realtor Vanessa Pollock about buying and selling homes—from the broker open house to a final offer.
Dec. 14 2015 3:06 PMThe “How Does a Wine Portfolio Manager Work?” EditionWhat goes into taste tests and setting the price of a wine?