The “How Does a Nail Artist Work?” Edition

Vivian Cam paints elaborate designs on her customers’ nails.

Oct. 20 2016 4:31 PMWe Talked to the D.C. Nail Technician Behind Instagram-Worthy Nail ArtSlate’s Working talks to Vivian Cam about what goes into making nails looks beautiful.
Oct. 11 2016 3:58 PMThe “How Does a Tailor Work?” EditionCheryl Lofton runs one of the best tailor shops in Washington, D.C.
Oct. 3 2016 4:37 PMThe “How Does a Freelance Makeup Artist Work?” EditionChristin Michelle helps her clients look good for weddings, galas, and photo shoots.
Sept. 26 2016 3:55 PMNational Museum of African American History and Culture Opening Special: The “How Does a Curator Work?” EditionMuseum specialist Mary Elliott talks about preparing a major installation for the newest Smithsonian.
Sept. 19 2016 5:34 PMThe “How Does the White House’s Supervisory Horticulturist Work?” EditionJim Adams ensures that the White House’s grounds look beautiful season in and season out.
Sept. 12 2016 4:57 PMThe “How Does a White House Protester Work?” EditionPhilipos Melaku-Bello is a protester who’s been sitting outside the White House for decades.
Sept. 6 2016 2:40 PMThe “How Does a White House Intern Work?” EditionChase Woods is a college student who spent his summer in the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach.
Aug. 15 2016 1:55 PMHow Do You Manage Operations at the White House?Maju Varghese explains what it takes to keep the West Wing running smoothly.
Aug. 8 2016 3:06 PMThe “How Does the President’s Assistant for Management and Administration Work?” EditionMaju Varghese oversees teams responsible for the day-to-day operations of the White House.
Aug. 1 2016 6:25 PMThe “How Does the Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief Work?” EditionJuliet Eilperin covers the day-to-day goings on within the Obama administration.
July 25 2016 2:32 PMThe “How Does the President’s Director of Speechwriting Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to Cody Keenan, who has helped prepare thousands of speeches.
July 18 2016 3:50 PMThe “How Does the President’s Director of Scheduling Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to Gregory Lorjuste, who figures out what Barack Obama will be doing from one minute to the next.
July 5 2016 10:41 AMThe “How Does the White House’s Public Engagement Director Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to the White House’s director of public engagement, who brings real people in to meet with the president.
June 28 2016 11:55 AMThe “How Does the Director of Presidential Correspondence Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to the person who selects letters for the president to read each night.
May 25 2016 10:30 AMThe Inner Workings of Studying Outer SpaceNASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan shares the projects she’s working on.
Oct. 17 2016 1:07 PMWhat Questions Should You Be Asking Your Tailor?Slate’s Working podcast talks to Cheryl Lofton about the tricks of her trade.
Oct. 6 2016 2:48 PMA Professional Freelance Makeup Artist Shares Her Tricks of the TradeMakeover master Christin Michelle talks to Slate’s Working podcast.
Sept. 29 2016 3:59 PMHere’s What It’s Like to Put Together an Exhibit on the History of SlaveryWorking’s Jacob Brogan speaks with a museum curator at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Sept. 21 2016 1:27 PMHow Do You Take Care of the President’s Garden?Slate’s Working podcast talks to Jim Adams, supervisory horticulturist at the White House.
Sept. 15 2016 3:39 PMThis Man’s Been Protesting Outside the White House for More Than 30 YearsSlate’s Working podcast talks to protester Philipos Melaku-Bello about his anti–nuclear war vigil.
Sept. 9 2016 7:18 PMWhat’s It Like Interning at the White House?A former intern dishes about working at the most powerful place in the nation.
Aug. 19 2016 12:56 PMWhat’s It Like to Be President Obama’s Legislative Right Hand?Slate’s Working podcast sits down with Amy Rosenbaum, director of legislative affairs.
Aug. 15 2016 11:44 AMThe “How Does the White House’s Director of Legislative Affairs Work?” EditionAmy Rosenbaum works with Congress to put the president’s plans into practice.
Aug. 4 2016 4:59 PMWhat’s It Like to Be the Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief?Juliet Eilperin covers the day-to-day goings-on within the Obama administration.
July 27 2016 1:52 PMWhat’s It Like to Be the President’s Director of Speechwriting?“You’re a miniature expert in everything, but a master of nothing.”
July 21 2016 1:43 PMEvery Second Counts for the President’s Director of SchedulingSo how does he maximize every minute of Obama’s day?
July 8 2016 5:42 PMHow Do You Plan a Meeting With the President?Slate’s Working Podcast talks to the White House’s director of public engagement.
June 30 2016 11:08 AMPen Pals With the PresidentThe White House director of correspondence talks about what constituent mail she picks for President Obama to read each night.
June 1 2016 12:09 PMHow to Throw a Party for 1,300 Guests Slate Live director Faith Smith tells Working how she keeps cool while hosting live podcast shows.
May 23 2016 3:44 PMThe “How Does an Event Planner Work?” EditionJacob Brogan talks to Faith Smith, director of Slate Live.