The “How Does the Director of Presidential Correspondence Work?” Edition

Slate’s Jacob Brogan talks to the person who selects letters for the president to read each night.

June 30 2016 11:08 AMPen Pals With the PresidentThe White House director of correspondence talks about what constituent mail she picks for President Obama to read each night.
May 25 2016 10:30 AMThe Inner Workings of Studying Outer SpaceNASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan shares the projects she’s working on.
May 17 2016 11:12 AMA People’s History of SlaveryThis exhibition at the upcoming National Museum of African American History and Culture seeks the human face of slavery.
May 11 2016 11:09 AMThe “How Does a Curator Work?” EditionMuseum specialist Mary Elliott talks about preparing a major installation for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.
May 2 2016 1:55 PMThe “How Does a Bookseller Work?” EditionA used-book merchant talks about running an independent shop in the age of Amazon.
April 25 2016 3:39 PMThe “How Does a Dog Walker Work?” EditionJason Mogavero is a dog walker with strong opinions about leashes.
April 18 2016 12:05 PMThe “How Does a Butcher Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to a butcher who works with whole animals and makes artisanal cured meats.
April 11 2016 1:10 PMThe “How Does a Bartender Work?” EditionSlate’s Jacob Brogan talks to a bartender who designs a new menu of literary cocktails every week.
April 4 2016 1:14 PMThe “How Does a Landscape Designer Work?” EditionMeet a landscaper who creates yards that express their owners’ selves.
March 8 2016 4:24 PMNot Your Average Cup of JoeA D.C. coffee chemist chats about his quest for the perfect roast and the community he built along the way. 
March 3 2016 1:15 PMCannabis With a Side of ScriptureThe owners of a D.C. dispensary discuss their dreams of selling pot to make their parents proud.
Feb. 29 2016 10:53 AMThe “What’s It Like to Run a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?” EditionMeet the rabbi and former hospital administrator who now run a pot dispensary.
Feb. 22 2016 11:37 AMThe “What’s It Like to Run D.C.’s Only Japanese Supermarket?” EditionMeet the couple that runs the best Asian supermarket in Washington, D.C.
Feb. 16 2016 11:19 AMThe “How Does a Professional Pie-Baker Work?” EditionMeet the actress-turned-baker who makes 400 pies a week.
Feb. 1 2016 11:59 AMThe “How Does a Coffee Roaster Work?” EditionMeet someone who gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.
June 1 2016 12:09 PMHow to Throw a Party for 1,300 Guests Slate Live director Faith Smith tells Working how she keeps cool while hosting live podcast shows.
May 23 2016 3:44 PMThe “How Does an Event Planner Work?” EditionJacob Brogan talks to Faith Smith, director of Slate Live.
May 16 2016 4:24 PMThe “How Does NASA’s Chief Scientist Work?” EditionNASA’s Ellen Stofan tells us about coordinating research and studying extraplanetary volcanoes.
May 5 2016 10:12 AMHow to Run a Used BookstoreRead how one independent bookseller keeps business booming in the age of Amazon in this Working podcast transcript. 
April 27 2016 6:19 PMWhat It’s Like to Be a Dog Walker Read what a professional dog walker told Slate’s Working podcast about his workday and why he loves the job.
April 19 2016 5:23 PMWhat’s in Your Sausage? A gourmet D.C. butcher breaks down how he brings ethical animal practices from farm to table.
April 12 2016 3:01 PMHow This Bartender Translates Her Love of LiteratureThis booze- and book-lined nook is a literature lover’s paradise.  
April 6 2016 2:19 PMHow to Bring Order to Your Neighborhood’s BackyardsA landscape designer takes us behind the bushes for a peek at what it’s like to grow your own garden. 
March 10 2016 4:46 PMHow Does a Fitness Instructor Twerk—Um, Work? A D.C. Zumba guru chats about how she got her twerking classes started. 
March 7 2016 11:45 AMThe “What’s It Like to Be a Twerking Instructor?” EditionMeet a fitness instructor who tells you how to shake it, shake it.
March 1 2016 1:21 PMThe Duo Behind D.C.’s Best Asian Supermarket  Ikuyo and Yoshio Tanabe, owners of Hana Market, talk about what it’s like to run D.C.’s only Japanese supermarket.
Feb. 25 2016 4:04 PMHere’s How to Make It as a Pie-Baker and Business OwnerRachel E. Gross talks to Teeny Lamothe of Teeny Pies for Slate’s Working series.
Feb. 16 2016 12:26 PMHow to Make It as a Jewelry-Maker Slate learns the tricks of the trade from second-generation jewelry-maker Rachel Pfeffer.
Feb. 8 2016 11:45 AMThe “How Does a Jewelry-Maker Work?” EditionMeet Rachel Pfeffer, whose signature honeycomb necklace has been spotted on Beyoncé.
Jan. 5 2016 5:56 PMHow Does a Wine Portfolio Manager Work?Read what L.V. Anderson asked Andrew Mulligan about his job, from tasting wine to dealing with U.S. regulations.