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Jeff Friedrich Jeff Friedrich

Jeff Friedrich is an associate editor at Slate

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Feb. 13 2017 4:37 PMThe Winter White House Disappeared From TripAdvisor. Where Did It Go?
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Aug. 12 2015 5:56 AMEmergency EvacuationWeighing a full bladder against an illuminated seatbelt sign while in flight.
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Feb. 17 2015 12:18 PMThe State of Slate’s Commenting, an UpdateFollowing up on the suggestions members made about improving Slate’s commenting.
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Dec. 3 2014 12:15 PMYou Will Not Comment on This ArticleA primer on commenting on Slate.
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June 27 2014 12:56 PMWhat Happened This Week?Slate in five observations: The World Cup, SCOTUS, and Orange Is the New Black
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May 8 2014 3:09 PM“I Thought About Skipping the Phineas Gage Story”Sam Kean on why he decided to write about neuroscience’s most famous patient.
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March 24 2014 3:30 PMThe Slate Podcast Endorsement-O-Matic(Almost) every product recommended on every Slate podcast since the dawn of creation.
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March 17 2014 6:10 PMWhat It’s Like to Vote Republican While Working for SlateSlate’s managing editor talks about the “geographical superiority complex” of certain East Coast media types.
April 16 2013 10:04 AMWhat Did You Do When the Bombs Went Off?Stories—both poignant and mundane—of a terrible day.
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July 22 2016 4:27 PMWow, This Very Unconventional WeekThe Slate Plus Digest for July 22.
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Aug. 7 2015 9:00 AMThe Slate Archives Podcast: “The Recline and Fall of Western Civilization”Listen to a former flight attendant talk to Slate editor Dan Kois about his polarizing airplane-seat proposal.
Jan. 23 2015 7:41 PMA Flight Attendant Explains How SkyMall Didn’t Make Its Money From Its Catalog
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Nov. 28 2014 5:00 PMOur Media Thanksgiving ListThe podcasts, websites, and apps Slate-sters are thankful for.
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June 25 2014 7:42 AMWelcome to 1996. What Is This Newfangled Website, Slate?What to make of the “most relentlessly hyped product rollout since Windows 95.”
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March 31 2014 11:45 AMWelcome to Slate Plus Beta! We’re excited you’re here.
March 18 2014 10:30 AMYour Slate Plus Team Wants to Hear From YouAsk us questions, make suggestions, and more.
Future Tense
Nov. 6 2013 10:35 AMAirlines Are Misleading Passengers About New Electronic-Device Rules