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What’s the Difference Between Writing About Sports and Talking About It on TV?

Slate’s sports podcast talks to sports writer and sports talker Pablo Torre of ESPN.

Oct. 18 2016 4:07 PMDo Happy Cubs Fans Buy More Beer?Slate’s sports podcast talks about vending at Wrigley Field during the playoffs.
Oct. 4 2016 5:09 PMThe Sports Fans We Hate the MostAnd why we hate them, according to Slate’s sports podcast.
Sept. 20 2016 3:22 PMCan We Like Abby Wambach’s Book Without Liking Her?Slate’s Hang Up and Listen discusses the soccer star’s memoir.
Sept. 7 2016 2:21 PMLooking Back on Seven Years of Hang Up and ListenHang Up and Listen revisits its first episode.
Aug. 25 2016 10:55 AMThe U.S. Men’s Basketball Team Has Never Been BetterBut we’re not watching if there aren’t any stakes in the game.
Aug. 16 2016 2:07 PMAre We Supposed to Hate Alex Rodriguez?The Hang Up and Listen crew chats about the New York Yankees legend’s retirement.
July 26 2016 1:39 PMWhy Did Chris Sale Cut Up His Team’s Uniforms?Assessing the White Sox pitcher’s unorthodox critique of throwback jerseys.
July 13 2016 10:02 AMNBA Athletes Are No Longer Spreading the LoveWith free agents like Kevin Durant flocking to top teams, will next season’s games be boring?
June 28 2016 1:17 PMIs the NHL’s Move to Las Vegas a Gamble?Hang Up and Listen isn’t sure Sin City will be a hockey hotbed. But why?
June 17 2016 4:38 PMAre These Sneakers Cornier Than Dad Jokes?Hang Up and Listen weighs in on the bright white, orthopedic-style sneakers designed by Steph Curry.
June 1 2016 12:52 PMShould I Cheat on My Hometown Team?Hang Up and Listen helps Mom and Dad Are Fighting host Allison Benedikt pick a team to root for during the 2016 NBA Finals.
May 17 2016 5:33 PMWhat Is Russell Westbrook Wearing Today?Hang Up and Listen decides if the basketball player is fashion-forward or not.
May 6 2016 11:09 AMNot for KicksU.S. Soccer’s Ali Krieger on wage discrimination and shooting penalties.
April 28 2016 12:03 PMWhat Makes D.C. a Mediocre Sports Town?Hang Up and Listen answers listener questions live in D.C.
April 12 2016 12:42 PMSoccer Style WatchThe U.S. men’s national soccer team has a new look. Hang Up and Listen plays fashion police. 
Oct. 12 2016 1:35 PMCan a Game Be So Lopsided It’s Boring?What Hang Up and Listen thought of the Michigan football team’s 78–0 win over Rutgers.
Sept. 27 2016 2:37 PMThe Best Moments From Hang Up and Listen History, According to You  Revisiting the show’s most noteworthy afterballs from the vault.  
Sept. 13 2016 1:49 PMWas Allen Iverson Ahead of His Time?Slate’s sports podcast explains why he’s not just a basketball player.
Aug. 30 2016 1:01 PMShould Olympians Be Held to a Higher Standard?Hang Up and Listen asks what we should make of the Ryan Lochte scandal.
Aug. 16 2016 3:16 PMThe Case for Dumping Hope SoloHang Up and Listen discusses why the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team will be fine without its current goalkeeper.
Aug. 3 2016 11:03 AMShould a Beer Mile Be Added to the Olympic Games?There will be five new sports at the 2020 Olympics. What else should the International Olympic Committee add?
July 19 2016 1:34 PMIs O.J.: Made in America Any Different From Other Documentaries?The critics say yes. But why?
July 7 2016 9:09 AMTrial by FuryThe Olympic Trials for swimming and track and field athletes are underway. Who should you look out for?
June 21 2016 12:53 PMWhich Olympic Athletes Will Be Sitting This One Out?Hang Up and Listen discusses Russian athletes, drug scandals, and the Olympics.
June 7 2016 7:43 PMThe Man, the Myth, the Tooth Decay FighterHang Up and Listen looks back on some of Muhammad Ali’s famous interviews.
May 24 2016 4:48 PMShould Athletes’ Quotes Be Cleaned Up?Hang Up and Listen wonders whether journalists should edit athletes’ quotes for grammar.
May 10 2016 1:32 PMRemembering Space Jam Hang Up and Listen discusses the beloved ’90s animated sports film. 
May 3 2016 1:15 PMHow Many Sports Stadium Name Changes Is a Game Changer?When should journalists respect corporate sponsored naming rights to a beloved sports stadium? And when shouldn’t they?
April 19 2016 6:32 PMShould We Be Weirded Out That These Grown Men Call Their Bosses Mr.Hang Up And Listen answers a listener’s question about a strange point of sports etiquette. 
April 5 2016 1:47 PMMatt Harvey’s Medical Scare Ends in Comic ReliefHang Up and Listen discusses the pun-y power of the Mets pitcher’s pee problem.