A consumer's guide to the polls.
A consumer's guide to the polls.
Science, technology, and life.
Oct. 28 2004 5:31 PM

A Consumer's Guide to the Polls

Read the ingredients before you buy.

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Presses undecideds to pick a candidate:Yes.

Average boost from pressing, last 3 samples:Unknown.


Disclosure of boost factor: Not published.

May weight your vote differently depending on your: Race, sex, age, region.

Adjusts results to fit expected party shares of electorate:Yes.

Expected shares: Average of their last five months of samples.

Zogby (Reuters)

Publishes entire questionnaire with results: No.

Where: Here. Click any link in the "archive" column on the left to get the summary page for a previous poll. Then click the link at the bottom to "survey questionnaire."

Screens people out based on past failure to vote: Yes.

Likely voter test: Unspecified..

Raises these questions before asking whom you'd vote for: Declined to disclose.

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