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Creativity for Creationists

An evolutionary creationist evangelizes to Christians about science.

Dec. 4 2014 8:52 AMGod’s Work?A new poll suggests Americans aren’t so confident in their creationism.
May 9 2014 11:31 AMAcceptable InequalityAnother country will end its ban on women in combat. They’ll still be underrepresented. And that’s OK.
Feb. 6 2014 8:28 AMThe Impotence of CreationismIt’s complete nonsense. But as a compartmentalized fantasy, it’s harmless.
Nov. 25 2013 8:25 PMMore Is LesbianNearly 20 percent of young British women say they’ve had a same-sex experience. What’s going on?
Nov. 20 2013 10:36 AMThe Dallas DoubtersMost Americans don’t believe conspiracy theories about JFK or UFOs. But they don’t trust the government’s story, either.
Sept. 4 2013 2:52 PMHow to Defeat the DronesTerrorists are looking for an answer. Will they find it in technology—or in politics?
July 16 2013 4:25 PMThe Boy Who LivedEmbryo testing is progress built on failure, termination, and tragedy. But we only hear about the happy endings.
June 24 2013 10:29 AMRethinking Gun ControlSurprising findings from a comprehensive report on gun violence.
May 14 2013 9:57 AMKermit the RogueThe vast majority of abortion doctors are nothing like Kermit Gosnell.
April 8 2013 7:49 AMA War Without InnocenceUgly revelations about the drone campaign in Pakistan don’t discredit the weapons or the war.
April 1 2013 8:08 AMUnfit To Bear ArmsPolice files from Sandy Hook and Tucson show we need more scrutiny of gun buyers’ mental health.
March 21 2013 3:16 PMShanks on a PlaneThe case for letting passengers carry knives.
March 11 2013 8:44 AMHow Drones Kill AmericansThey don’t target citizens in the United States. They kill them overseas as collateral damage.
March 4 2013 3:32 PMThe Trouble With BondageWhy S&M will never be fully accepted.
Feb. 19 2013 11:40 PMIn Defense of DronesThey're the worst form of war, except for all the others.
Oct. 3 2014 12:57 PMHow Choice Can Stop AbortionsLong-acting reversible contraceptives can cut the teen abortion rate by 75 percent.
Feb. 17 2014 7:41 PMA Nation of Snake HandlersHow many people must die before the U.S. gives up this insane practice?
Feb. 4 2014 10:56 AMWhy Abortions Are DownIs it birth control or moral aversion? Maybe both. Some lessons for pro-lifers.
Nov. 21 2013 1:33 PMWomen Are Passing the Marine Infantry Course. Get Over It.
Sept. 18 2013 2:56 PMFetal Fact CheckThe doctors cited by pro-lifers say their fetal pain research doesn’t support abortion bans.
Aug. 7 2013 6:38 PMJew Picked a Fine Time to Leave MeWeiner, Spitzer, Filner … Are Jews less likely to cheat? The data say no.
July 10 2013 10:50 AMSpank You Very MuchIs S&M dangerous? Let’s look at the evidence.
June 19 2013 7:46 AMThe Pain ThresholdBanning abortions at 20 weeks is just the beginning of a plan to outlaw them altogether.
April 16 2013 10:39 PMThe Next BostonThe FBI’s case list shows we’re lucky not to have suffered more bombings. Don’t be surprised if we’re hit again.
April 5 2013 12:12 PMThe Aurora WarningsJames Holmes’ psychiatrist told campus police he was homicidal. Why wasn’t the warning passed on?
March 27 2013 12:38 PMHomosexuality as InfertilityHow the gay marriage debate will end.
March 13 2013 5:30 AMThe Chronic Ills of NannyaWhat’s the message of the New York soda-size ruling? Government can’t control lifestyle diseases the way it controls infectious epidemics.
March 7 2013 10:14 AMAll The Kink’s MenIs S&M wrong? A reply to Dan Savage and other defenders of BDSM.
Feb. 26 2013 8:30 AMThe Slaughter of Reeva SteenkampIf Oscar Pistorius is telling the truth, he’s a reckless, dangerous killer.
Feb. 15 2013 11:04 AMThe Disability PedestalWe expected better from Oscar Pistorius because he’s disabled. We were wrong.