A consumer's guide to the polls.

A consumer's guide to the polls.

A consumer's guide to the polls.

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Oct. 28 2004 5:31 PM

A Consumer's Guide to the Polls

Read the ingredients before you buy.

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Los Angeles Times

Publishes entire questionnaire with results: Yes, except for screening questions.


Where: Here. Click any of the links to "poll excerpts."

Screens people out based on past failure to vote: Yes.

Likely voter test: They weight your response based on your stated intention to vote, certainty of voting, and past interest in voting. Nobody gets discounted completely.

Raises these questions before asking whom you'd vote for: None.

Presses undecideds to pick a candidate:Yes.

Average boost from pressing, last three samples:Unknown.

Disclosure of boost factor: Not published.

May weight your vote differently depending on your: Race, sex, education.

Adjusts results to fit expected party shares of electorate:No.