Presidency in a Lockbox 

Presidency in a Lockbox 

Presidency in a Lockbox 

Dec. 15 2000 11:30 PM

Presidency in a Lockbox 

Our complete election and recount coverage.

This page has links to Slate's recent coverage of the presidential election and the voting flap in Florida. We'll be updating it regularly, so check back here often. And be sure to check our for the very latest developments. 


Friday, Dec. 15
Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: This Election Ain't Over!" by Timothy Noah

Today's Papers: "Bushing Ahead," by Scott Shuger

Thursday, Dec. 14
Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: Was Cheney Naughty in '76?" by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Are There 1 Million Uncounted California Ballots?" by Chris Suellentrop


Explainer: "What Is a Blue-Dog Democrat?" by Emily Yoffe

Readme: "Equal Protection of Whom? From What?" by Michael Kinsley

Chatterbox: "Buckle Up, Mr. Justice," by Emily Yoffe

Ballot Box: "The End," by Jacob Weisberg


Moneybox: "How Come There's No Bush Rally?" Rob Walker

International Papers: "Bush Winnerman," by June Thomas

Dialogues: "What Now?" by Alan Brinkley and Michael McConnell


Today's Papers: "Concession Stands," by Scott Shuger

Wednesday, Dec. 13
Ballot Box: "Bipartisans at the Gates," by Jacob Weisberg

Ballot Box: Gore's Grace Note," by Jacob Weisberg

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: Gimme "Equal Protection," by Timothy Noah


Explainer: "Do the Electors Vote by Secret Ballot?" by Emily Yoffe

Supreme Court Dispatches: "The Supremes, Stark Raving Naked," by Dahlia Lithwick

Frame Game: "The Disenfranchisement Fallacy," by William Saletan

Explainer: "Did Stalin Really Say That Thing About Votes?" by Emily Yoffe


Ballot Box: "Can Gore Be Gracious?" by Jacob Weisberg

Today's Papers: "Florida Finale," by Scott Shuger

Tuesday, Dec. 12
Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: The Greeley Precedent," by Timothy Noah


Explainer: "Can Republicans Get Florida's Ballots Sealed?" by Emily Yoffe

This Just In: "Simple Math and Dimpled Chad," by Paul Berman

Today's Papers: "Supremes Getting Back Together?" by Scott Shuger

Monday, Dec. 11
Supreme Court Dispatches: "Last Count for the Recount," by Dahlia Lithwick


Frame Game: "Trade of Restraint," by William Saletan

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: The Supreme Court Factor," by Timothy Noah

Ballot Box: "Countus Interruptus," by Jacob Weisberg


Monday, Dec. 11
This Just In: "The Dangers of Judicial Hubris," by Stuart Taylor Jr.

Today's Papers: "Oyez, Oy Vey," by Scott Shuger

Sunday, Dec. 10
Kausfiles: "How Gore Could Survive," by Mickey Kaus

Today's Papers: "Losing Count," by Amanda Fazzone


Saturday, Dec. 9
Chatterbox: "Houston, We Have a Problem in Leon County," by Gregg Easterbrook

Today's Papers: "Appealing for Votes," by Charles Sisk

Friday, Dec. 8
Ballot Box: "Who Will Win the Recount?" by Jacob Weisberg


This Just In: "The Florida Supremes' Early Christmas Present," by Dahlia Lithwick

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: The Nation Gets Naughty!" by Timothy Noah

Ballot Box: "Bushism of the Day," by Jacob Weisberg

Today's Papers: "Final Recountdown?" by Scott Shuger


Thursday, Dec. 7
Frame Game: "Take It Like a Mandate," by William Saletan

Readme: "George and Justice," by Michael Kinsley

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: Ask Doctor Faithless!" by Timothy Noah


Stamaty: "Al Gore Sings a Special Tune," by Mark Alan Stamaty

Ballot Box: "Bushism of the Day," by Jacob Weisberg

Kausfiles: "Why Bush Is Toast (Today)," by Mickey Kaus

Today's Papers: "Separation of Power Trips," by Scott Shuger


Wednesday, Dec. 6
Today's Papers: "Split Ticket?" by Scott Shuger

Tuesday, Dec. 5
Chatterbox: "St. John Ashcroft's Passion," by Timothy Noah

Ballot Box: "Recount," by Jacob Weisberg

Ballot Box: "Bushism of the Day"


Chatterbox: "Katherine Harris' Secret Chatterbox Past," by Timothy Noah

Monday, Dec. 4
Explainer: "Is This a Banner Election, or What?" by Emily Yoffe

Ballot Box: "Who Lost Florida?" by Jacob Weisberg

Press Box: "Supreme Flubs," by Joshua Micah Marshall


Press Box: "Boies on the Bus," by Jack Shafer

Supreme Court Dispatches: "The Supremes Pull a Hamlet," by Dahlia Lithwick

Chatterbox: "Did Adnan Khashoggi Throw the Election to Dubya?" by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Who Decides Who Is the President-Elect?" by Emily Yoffe


Ballot Box: "Bushism of the Day"

Today's Papers: "Coffee, Tea, or Knuckle Sandwiches?" by Scott Shuger

Sunday, Dec. 3
Today's Papers: "Leon Is Getting Larger," by Chris Suellentrop

Saturday, Dec. 2
Today's Papers: "May It Please the Courts," by Charles Davis 


Friday, Dec. 1 Supreme Court Dispatches: "The Tragedy of Rehnquistio," by Dahlia Lithwick

Frame Game: "W. Standard," by William Saletan

The Earthling: "My Brilliant Idea," by Robert Wright

Today's Papers: "More Trucking Ballots?" by Scott Shuger


Dialogue: "What Next?" by Alan Brinkley and Michael McConnell

Thursday, Nov. 30
Today's Papers: "Fly the Friendly Stys," by Scott Shuger 

Kausfiles: "Let the Pols Decide!" by Mickey Kaus

Chatterbox: "Indecision 2000: Palindrome Contest Winners!" by Timothy Noah


The Book Club: "What If Machiavelli Were in Florida?" by James Fallows and Sarah Lyall

Explainer: "What Does 'Federalism' Mean?" by Emily Yoffe

Chatterbox: "What Do Floridians Want?" by Timothy Noah

Stamaty: "Al Races to Beat the Clock," by Mark Allan Stamaty


This Just In: "The GOP's New Mexico Switcheroo," by Joshua Micah Marshall

Wednesday, Nov. 29

Chatterbox: "Dana Milbank, Deadline Jumper," by Timothy Noah

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: The Abstention Option," by Timothy Noah


Chatterbox: "Hey, Rehnquist! Use the Web," by Chris Suellentrop

Ballot Box: "Bush's Miami Bull," by Jacob Weisberg

Explainer: "The Election FAQs Just Keep on Coming," by Emily Yoffe

Today's Papers: "Recountdown," by Scott Shuger


Tuesday, Nov. 28

Kausfiles: "Gore's Secret Electoral Majority," by Mickey Kaus

Frame Game: "Electoral Knowledge," by William Saletan

Readme: "No Contest," by Michael Kinsley


Chatterbox: "Sweeney and the Siege of Miami," by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Supreme Court FAQ," by Emily Yoffe

Chatterbox: "Indecision 2000: The Palindrome Contest," by Timothy Noah


Today's Papers: "Debating Gore's Appeal," by Scott Shuger


Monday, Nov. 27

Ballot Box: "Last Call for Legitimacy," by Jacob Weisberg


Today's Papers: "Clear and President Danger," by Scott Shuger

Sunday, Nov. 26

Today's Papers: "The Slobo Always Rises," by Michael Brus

Saturday, Nov. 25


Today's Papers: "Big-Time Trouble," by Justus Nieland

Friday, Nov. 24

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: The Dimple Dilemma," by Timothy Noah

The Earthling: "Mad as Hell," by Robert Wright


Today's Papers: "Fashion Forecast: More Briefs, Suits," by Scott Shuger

Thursday, Nov. 23

Today's Papers: "Turkey," by Scott Shuger 

Wednesday, Nov. 22
Explainer: "Have Voting FAQs, Will Travel," by Emily Yoffe


Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: Al Gore Says No  Dice," by Timothy Noah

Frame Game: "Sore Loser," by William Saletan

"Today's Papers: "Court Legalizes Hand Jobs," by Scott Shuger

Tuesday, Nov. 21
Ballot Box: "More Chad Woe," by Jacob Weisberg


Explainer: "You Ask, I FAQ," by Emily Yoffe

Today's Papers: "Robe Warriors," by Scott Shuger

Monday, Nov. 20


Feature: "How the Grinch Stole Election Day," by Frank Cammuso and Hart Seely

Hey, Wait a Minute: "The Real Flaw in Hand Counts," by Edward Rothstein

Chatterbox: "Faithless Elector Watch: Dangling Democrat," by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Stop Me Before I FAQ Again," by Emily Yoffe


Today's Papers: "Another Hole Case," by Scott Shuger

Sunday, Nov. 19

Today's Papers: "Tally Hoedown," by David Newman

Saturday, Nov. 18


Today's Papers: "Timeout on the Court," by Jeremy Derfner


Friday, Nov. 17

History Lesson: "Life After Certification," by David Greenberg

Chatterbox: "Katherine Harris, Meet Alexander Graham Bell," by Timothy Noah


The Earthling: "Reality-Based Television," by Robert Wright

Net Election: "Asleep at the Mouse," by Ronna Abramson

Assessment: "James Baker," by David Plotz

Today's Papers: "Political Machines," by Scott Shuger 


Thursday, Nov. 16 Explainer: "Constitutional Crisis FAQ," by Emily Yoffe

Chatterbox: "The Elector Hunt Begins," by Timothy Noah

Ballot Box: "Steal This Election," by Jacob Weisberg

Stamaty: "The Trouble With Counting," by Mark Alan Stamaty


Sports Nut: "We the Fans," by Jeremy Derfner and Chris Suellentrop

International Papers: "The Anti-Anti-American Backlash," by June Thomas

Today's Papers: "The Electoral Kindergarten," by Scott Shuger


Wednesday, Nov. 15 Kausfiles: "The Florida Moth List," by Mickey Kaus


Explainer: "Yet Another Voting FAQ," by Emily Yoffe

Chatterbox: "Paul Berman Turns the Tides of History," by Timothy Noah

Press Box: "Defending the Projectionists," by Jack Shafer

Dialogue: "What Now?" by Alan Brinkley and Michael McConnell


Culturebox: "About Those Ads: A Reply to Chatterbox," by Paul Berman

Net Election: "Not Voting in Your Pajamas," by Greg Shaw

Diary: "Mexico Loves the U.S. Election Mess," by Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan

Today's Papers: "Rashomon To Judgment," by Scott Shuger


Tuesday, Nov. 14

Frame Game: "Fuzzy Math," by William Saletan

Chatterbox: "How Intellectuals Blew the Election Crisis," by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Another Voting FAQ," by Emily Yoffe


Ballot Box: "Chad Woe," by Jacob Weisberg

Foreigners: "More on the Election (But Not the One in Florida)," by Anne Applebaum 


Monday, Nov. 13 Explainer: "Voting FAQ," by Emily Yoffe

Chatterbox: "Pssst! Wanna Buy a Presidential Election?" by Timothy Noah


International Papers: "Yes, We Have No Banana Republic," by June Thomas

The Breakfast Table: "W.'s Pustule," by Sam Lipsyte and Lucinda Rosenfeld


Today's Papers: "Courting Disaster," by Scott Shuger 

Sunday, Nov. 12
Today's Papers: "Manhandling the Vote," by Justus Nieland

Saturday, Nov. 11
Kausfiles: "Has Bush Blown It in Florida?" by Mickey Kaus

Today's Papers: "Take It Like a Statesman," by Charles Davis


Friday, Nov. 10
Ballot Box: "Should Gore Fight On?" by Jacob Weisberg

Frame Game: "Florida Squeeze," by William Saletan

Readme: "What Gore Should Do," by Michael Kinsley

Today's Papers: " Lawyerpalooza!" by Scott Shuger


Net Election: "The Web Reaches Into Palm Beach County," by Ronna Abramson

Diary of a Democratic Operative (Day 5), by Tony Bullock


Thursday, Nov. 9
Diary of a Democratic Operative (Day 4), by Tony Bullock

Chatterbox: " Al Gore for (Harvard) President? Part 2," by Timothy Noah


This Just In: " Forget Florida—Flip the Electors!" by Matt Miller

Chatterbox: " James Michener, Near-Faithless Elector," by Timothy Noah

Press Box: " Who Did the Press Corps Vote For?" by Jack Shafer

Ballot Box: " Why 19,120 People Voted Twice," by Jacob Weisberg


Explainer: "Are Concession Speeches Binding?" by Emily Yoffe

Stamaty: "Palm Beach Voters Mispunch," by Mark Alan Stamaty

International Papers: "The Electoral College Flunks Out," by June Thomas

Press Box: "Nixon Cons Johnny Apple From the Grave," by Jack Shafer


Today's Papers: "Maintaining an Election," by Scott Shuger

Kausfiles: "Are We Sure Lieberman Would Resign?" by Mickey Kaus


Wednesday, Nov. 8
Frame Game: "Burnt Toast," by William Saletan

Diary of a Democratic Operative (Day 3), by Tony Bullock


Press Box: "Fun With Numbers," by Michael Kinsley

Chatterbox: "What Monica Did for Dubya," by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Why Do You Say Gore When You Mean Bush?" by Emily Yoffe

Recycled: "The Phony Science of Election Predictions," by Karl Eisenhower and Pete Nelson


Ballot Box: "Why Gore (Probably) Lost," by Jacob Weisberg

Recycled: "Did Kennedy Really Steal the 1960 Election?" by David Greenberg

Today's Papers: "Harvard-Yale Goes Into Overtime," by Scott Shuger


Tuesday, Nov. 7
This Just In: "Behind the Scenes at Time," by Joel Stein


Chatterbox: "Should the Voting Age Be Lowered?" by Timothy Noah

Kausfiles: "Don't Rush Me! (Part 10)," by Mickey Kaus

Ballot Box: "Exit Poll Madness," by Jacob Weisberg

Diary of a Democratic Operative (Day 2), by Tony Bullock


Explainer: "What Are Exit Polls?" by Emily Yoffe


Monday, Nov. 6
Press Box: "The God of Objectivity Is Dead," by Jack Shafer

Readme: "Gore Wins Slate," by Michael Kinsley


Diary of a Democratic Operative (Day 1), by Tony Bullock

Chatterbox: "Al Gore for (Harvard) President," by Timothy Noah

Explainer: "Is George W. Bush Barred From Canada?" by Emily Yoffe

Crossword: "Tomorrow's Winner Today!" by Matt Gaffney