The latest info on John Roberts.

The latest info on John Roberts.

The latest info on John Roberts.

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Sept. 19 2005 5:52 PM

A John Roberts Roundup

The latest information on the Supreme Court nominee.

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"Bush Pick Looks Like a Shoo-In," by Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle. July 21, 2005.

"A Six-Pronged Strategy for Defeating Roberts," by Tom Curry, MSNBC. July 21, 2005.


"In Search of John Roberts," by Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times. July 21, 2005.

"Looking Back," a chart on how previous nominees have fared, Washington Post.

Reactions to the Nomination

"Trade Group Backs Supreme Court Nominee," Financial Times. Aug. 12, 2005.

"Conservatives Remain Steady in Support of Roberts: Work on gay rights case fails to change stance on nomination," by Mike Allen, Washington Post. Aug. 8, 2005.

"Debating the Subtle Sway of the Federalist Society," by Jason DeParle, New York Times. Aug. 1, 2005.

"Roberts Nickname Contest Results!: What Bush will call his Supreme Court nominee," by Timothy Noah, Slate. July 27, 2005.

"A Year of Work to Sell Roberts to Conservatives," by David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times. July 22, 2005.

"Product Is Judge; Market is America," by Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune. July 22, 2005.