The latest info on John Roberts.

The latest info on John Roberts.

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Sept. 19 2005 5:52 PM

A John Roberts Roundup

The latest information on the Supreme Court nominee.

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Senate Confirmation Speculation

"Specter Backs U.S. Chief Justice Nominee Roberts," by Thomas Ferraro, Reuters. September 19, 2005.


"Roberts Vote Holds Risks for Democrats," by Nina J. Easton and Rick Klein, The Boston Globe. September 19, 2005.

"Roberts Heads Toward Likely Confirmation," by David Espo, Associated Press. September 14, 2005.

"Roberts the Elder," by Jonathan Turley, Village Voice. September 13, 2005.

"Roberts in the Eye of the Storm," by Eamon Javers, BusinessWeek Online. Sept. 7, 2005.

"How to Grill Roberts," by David Kusnet, New Republic. Sept. 6, 2005.

"Roberts V. The Future," by Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times. Aug. 28, 2005.

"Recusal Questions for Roberts: Two Senators ask about participation in military tribunal case," by Jess Bravin, Wall Street Journal. Aug. 26, 2005.

"Sen. Specter asks Roberts about Judicial Activism," by Susan Cornwell, Reuters. Aug. 8, 2005.

"Catholic Justice: Quit tiptoeing around John Roberts' faith," by Christopher Hitchens,Slate. Aug. 1, 2005.

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