Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers: review of J.J. Abrams movie. (AUDIO)

Spoiler Special: Star Trek Into Darkness

Spoiler Special: Star Trek Into Darkness

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May 23 2013 2:50 PM

Spoiler Special: Star Trek Into Darkness

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in "Star Trek Into Darkness"
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto inStar Trek Into Darkness

Courtesy of Zade Rosenthal/Paramount Pictures

On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate movie critic Dana Stevens talks in detail about new and forthcoming movies with a guest. You can listen to past Spoiler Specials here, and you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Note: As the title indicates, each installment contains spoilers galore.

In this week’s episode, Stevens is joined by Bryan Lowder to discuss Star Trek Into Darkness, the follow-up to 2009’s reboot of the Star Trek franchise directed by J. J. Abrams. Is this movie better or worse than than the previous Abrams outing? How well does it fit into the broader Trek universe?

This and many other questions are debated in the podcast below. And you can read much more about Star Trek elsewhere on Slate. Enjoy.