The Slate Archives podcast: “My Husband’s Other Wife.”

Why Is “My Husband’s Other Wife” a Slate Classic?

Why Is “My Husband’s Other Wife” a Slate Classic?

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May 6 2015 5:29 PM

The Slate Archives Podcast: “My Husband’s Other Wife” 

June Thomas tells us about her favorite Slate piece.


Illustration by Charlie Powell

In celebration of Slate Plus’ first anniversary, we’re republishing a selection of pieces from the past year, including this article, which was originally published Oct, 2, 2014.

A podcasting project that’s for your ears only: This is an episode of the Slate Archives podcast, an interview series we’ve launched exclusively for Slate Plus members.

The plan is simple: revisit classic Slate pieces. The boldest arguments. The ideas that were the furthest ahead of their time. The #SlatePitchiest #SlatePitches. We’re going to ask Slate writers to recount how readers reacted to some of Slate’s greatest hits and how they feel about their arguments now.

In this episode, Slate Plus chats with longtime Slate-ster, culture critic, and Outward editor June Thomas about her favorite Slate piece of all time: “My Husband’s Other Wife” by Emily Yoffe, originally published in June 2009.

The original recording of the piece, read by Yoffe herself, begins after the conversation.

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