What we like right now: A recommendations roundup from Slate writers and editors for the week of Sept. 28.

Here Are Our Favorite Reads From Around the Web This Week

Here Are Our Favorite Reads From Around the Web This Week

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Oct. 1 2015 6:59 PM

What We Like Right Now

The stories we liked from around the Web for the week of Sept. 28.


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Looking for something to read? What We Like Right Now is a curated recommendations list from Slate editors and writers, just for Slate Plus members.

Here are our favorite stories, podcasts, and videos from around the Web for the week of Sept. 28.

Rocktober: An Oral History” by Kevin Depew, the Awl
The Awl’s 2011 mockumentary oral history of “Rocktober”—aka what classic rock DJs call October—is a triumph of evocative/nostalgic Middle American satire. Read it while getting the Led out. —Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slatest editor

Something Borrowed” by Alec Wilkinson, the New Yorker
Wilkinson’s thought-provoking piece on Kenneth Goldsmith and conceptual poetry raises a lot of questions, not least because of the backlash it’s inspired among some of the quoted writers. —Katy Waldman, Slate’s words correspondent

Here’s What My Commute Looked Like the Day Business Insider Was Bought for $343,000,000” Tom Scocca, Gawker
I can’t explain why this piece is so delightful without spoiling it, but suffice to say it’s a deadly accurate parody—one I didn’t immediately catch on to. —Jessica Winter, features editor

Motherhood, Screened Off” by Susan Dominus, New York Times Magazine
One of the best recent essays on the great problem of contemporary parenthood, which is of course the iPhone. It’s already changed the way I think about what I’m doing when I’m ignoring my kids. —Gabriel Roth, senior editor and editorial director of Slate Plus

And from Twitter:

—Double X writer Nora Caplan-Bricker tweets: “New York on the transformations in the lives of transgender people’s spouses is so, so good.”
—Chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie thinks this WBUR piece offers “a pretty good look at what will happen if Biden runs.”
—Columnist Reihan Salam admits that Park MacDougald’s piece on neoreaction in the Awl is “surprisingly good.”
—Reading SCOTUSblog to prep for the Supreme Court’s next term, writer Mark Joseph Stern says Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle is “absolutely fascinating.”
—Laura Moser, a writer for Slate’s Schooled project, tweets: “Love a good yarn about intersections between literary greats.”