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Slate votes.

Slate votes.

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Oct. 26 2004 6:32 PM

Slate Votes

At this magazine, it's Kerry by a landslide!

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Josh Payton, Interactive Designer:David Cobb

I'm going to vote for David Cobb. Let's face it. Both Kerry and Bush are liars and they're both on the take. Neither one of them have my best interests in mind. Why should I feel satisfied because I get to pick between one scumbag and another? Democracy in action! No thanks.


Nader ... It's like he's trying to become a talk show host. Maybe he's just been looking for publicity because he's trying to nail that Tonight Show gig.

I was thinking about voting for Michael Badnarik because he seems to have the right idea, but I'm not completely sold on the Libertarian platform. The Libertarian Party is already looking to get a million votes this election. I'd rather help the Greens.

Cobb seems like an intelligent, well-meaning guy. I like what the Green Party is all about. I hope the party keeps growing. Washington state, where I live, is pretty safely blue so there's no real danger of George W. Bush winning it. Cobb's probably out of his depth, but it would give me great joy to see him give the bastards a run for their money. Put it on television. Make it a reality show. He might just be crazy enough to be brilliant.

Jill Hunter Pellettieri, Assistant Editor:Kerry

I'm voting for Kerry—he's in many ways the antithesis of Bush. Kerry understands that there is more than one side to every issue (admittedly, sometimes to a fault), and at the same time, he exhibits the poise and intelligence necessary to be a decisive leader. I fear what another four years of Bush's myopic worldview would bring to our country and the world.

David Plotz, Deputy Editor:Kerry

I am voting for John Kerry. I admire President Bush's quick understanding that America must defeat the evil of Islamic radicalism, and his resolve to fight our enemies wherever they threaten us. Aside from that, his presidency has been a catastrophe. The Bush administration has suppressed inconvenient facts, sabotaged American science, undone a decade of fiscal restraint by spending profligately and giving tax breaks to all the wrong people, rolled over for the worst crony capitalists and lobbyists, and squandered America's moral (and actual) authority in the world.

Charlie Powell, Illustrator: Kerry

I'm voting for Kerry. Bush and Co. stole the 2000 election. Bush lied to the country about WMD in Iraq. He ordered an attack on a sovereign nation, ignoring the United Nations. As I write this, 1,109 American soldiers are dead. Thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children are dead. Not to mention the thousands of wounded Iraqis and Americans, and others dead and wounded from the "coalition of the willing." By the end of the year we will have spent $150 billion on this mess. Meanwhile health care, schools (No Child Left a Dime), and the poor in our country suffer the consequences. George Bush is a disgrace, and why anyone would decide to vote for him is beyond me.

William Saletan, Chief Political Correspondent:Kerry