Brexit May Well Never Happen

The victors are already looking sheepish about leaving the EU. Maybe they won’t!

June 24 2016 6:17 PMEmbattled Whiteness Gave Us Brexit. It Won’t Give Us President Trump.The “Leave” vote was a move to reassert the racial hierarchies upended by global capitalism. Here’s why it could never happen here.
June 24 2016 3:39 PMWhy Immigration Pushed Britons to BrexitIt’s not only about race.
June 24 2016 1:47 PMHow the EU Blew ItThe European Union is one of the greatest political accomplishments of our time. Too bad its supporters don’t say so.
June 23 2016 5:56 PMDonald Trump’s Next-Generation BigotryNot content with attacking immigrants, Trump is now smearing their American-born children. And the children of those children.
June 22 2016 4:47 PMWhy Marco Rubio Is Running for SenateIt’s about 2020, of course.
June 21 2016 3:00 PMHillary for Prison 2016In Vegas, Donald Trump took a longtime psychosis of the GOP base and amplified it.
June 20 2016 2:37 PMSlate’s NRA Influence TrackerFind out how much the group has helped—or hindered—your representatives in Congress.
June 17 2016 1:09 PMWhether He Wins or Loses, We’re Stuck With TrumpTrump is reportedly thinking about his next grift: a cable news network.
June 16 2016 2:54 PM“He’s Obsessed With Menstruation”Former Apprentice crew members on their old boss, Donald Trump.
June 15 2016 6:12 PMTrump Is His Party’s Cross to BearBut how will Republicans bear him?
June 14 2016 6:36 PMTrump Declared War on American Muslims on MondayDon’t treat it like just another speech.
June 13 2016 1:45 PMDoes Terrorism Help Donald Trump?His swaggering, self-aggrandizing response to the Orlando shooting revealed the GOP candidate’s terrifying electoral strengths and clear political weaknesses.
June 10 2016 5:00 PMDemocrats Will Rally Around Hillary ClintonDestroying Donald Trump is just too fun.
June 9 2016 7:08 PMLeftists for Trump: What Is to Be Done About These Insufferable Nihilists?Politics is not about your personal catharsis.
June 8 2016 6:12 PMHow the Democrats Can Get Bernie to Stand DownDon’t hector him. Help him.
June 24 2016 3:46 PMWe Have Entered a New Political EraOne in which popular support for the core institutions of liberal democracy can no longer be taken for granted.
June 24 2016 2:54 PMOld England’s OverthrowThe doughty British establishment conspired with voters to bring about its own destruction.
June 24 2016 9:56 AMTrump’s Absurd, Solipsistic Response to BrexitThe candidate is incapable of seeing world events as about anything but himself.
June 23 2016 5:22 PMPower to the PeopleWhen C-SPAN went dark, live-streaming brought the Democrats’ historic sit-in to the masses.
June 22 2016 3:01 PMTrump’s Speech About Hillary Was Terrifyingly EffectiveHe left the clown act to his surrogates, mixed in a truth or two among the lies, and zeroed in on what people hate about Clinton.
June 20 2016 6:02 PMThere Is No Donald Trump CampaignFiring your campaign manager is not a big deal when there’s nothing to manage.
June 17 2016 3:31 PMBlack-ish Co-Star Deon Cole’s Advice for the Next President: Regulate Guns, Not Weed
June 16 2016 5:51 PMBullet PointsIf the media wants a healthy conversation about firearm laws, it needs to stop getting basic gun facts wrong when reporting on mass shootings.
June 16 2016 12:01 PMCan Muslims Be Americans?It’s time to put Donald Trump’s idiocy aside and consider Muslim assimilation in a deeper sense.
June 15 2016 5:33 PMDonald Trump’s Bigotry Is Not About MuslimsHe has the same beefs with blacks, Latinos, and other minorities.
June 14 2016 12:15 AMWhy Obama Can’t Do Anything About GunsThe problem isn’t the president or Congress or “special interests.” It’s us.
June 13 2016 9:07 AMTrump’s Response to Orlando Is Exactly What ISIS WantsPolarization, immoderation, attacks on civilians and Islam: ISIS's wish list is Trump's platform.
June 10 2016 4:56 PMA Theological Case for Low ExpectationsDonald Trump and the religious right are still trying to get used to each other.
June 9 2016 12:35 PMThe Wall Street Journal Has Lost Its MindThe advice it’s giving Paul Ryan and the Republican Party is transparently absurd.
June 8 2016 6:03 PMWhy Can’t Republicans Distance Themselves From Donald Trump?They’re afraid.