The Weekly Standard’s Dismantling Is Terrible News for Conservatism and Journalism

Dec. 13 2018 4:30 PMNancy Pelosi Will Be Speaker. That Doesn’t Mean Her Antagonists Lost.The real trade-offs of the deal that will make Pelosi speaker again.
Dec. 12 2018 2:40 PMTrump Won’t Win a Shutdown Over the Border WallThe polls are a warning.
Dec. 10 2018 3:53 PMThe Supreme Court Handed Planned Parenthood a Small Victory. Don’t Get Used to It.
Dec. 7 2018 6:07 PMThe GOP Sees Rural Voters as More Legitimate Than Urban VotersThe current move to punish Democratic victors in Wisconsin underscores a sinister philosophy that’s been brewing for years.
Dec. 5 2018 4:51 PMIt’s the Democrats Who Have a Freedom Agenda NowThe neocons are gone. These days, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the ones talking about fighting tyranny.
Dec. 4 2018 8:59 PMThe Lame-Duck Power GrabRepublicans lost in Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Their response has been to take power away from incoming Democrats.
Dec. 3 2018 7:51 PMBari Weiss and Eve Peyser’s Secret to Cross-Political FriendshipStop caring about politics.
Dec. 1 2018 1:00 AMThe Overlooked PresidentWe should thank George H.W. Bush for many of the successes attributed to Reagan and Clinton.
Nov. 30 2018 6:08 PMBlack Republicans Are the Only GOP Officials Who Seem Bothered by RacismTim Scott’s vote against Thomas Farr is part of a larger story.
Nov. 29 2018 6:52 PMThere Will Never Be an Honest Conversation About Nancy Pelosi as a Political LeaderSexism doesn’t just harm women in politics. It also poisons political analysis.
Nov. 28 2018 7:50 PMChuck Schumer Is Greatly Overestimating Trump’s PopularityThe midterms were a stunning referendum. Democratic leaders should act accordingly.
Nov. 28 2018 5:36 PMDemocrats Blame Kirsten Gillibrand for Al Franken’s FallThey should be thanking her.
Nov. 27 2018 6:53 PMClimate Change Is Burning Homes and Killing PeopleBut it’s not bothering Donald Trump.
Nov. 26 2018 8:10 PMA No Labels–Affiliated Caucus Is Trying to Pressure Nancy Pelosi Into Relinquishing Some PowerIt’s not working.
Nov. 26 2018 5:56 AMMississippi Democrats Have a Shot at a Doug Jones–Style StunnerIn Tuesday’s runoff, Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith just might lose her Senate seat after her gaffes evoking lynching and voter suppression.
Dec. 12 2018 6:37 PMWhy Nancy Pelosi’s Quiet Trump Burn Was Uniquely SatisfyingAt long last, a verbal counterstrike to Trump from the Dems that is actually not lame.
Dec. 10 2018 7:07 PMJohn Kelly Was Always Just Donald Trump With Better MannersThe outgoing chief of staff’s record of casual cruelty and tolerance of bigotry should remind us that moderation means nothing when paired with such toxic ideology.
Dec. 10 2018 12:58 PMHouse Republicans Took One Final Shot at Comey—and Discredited Themselves
Dec. 6 2018 6:48 PMWhy Term Limits Are Such a Thorny Issue for Nancy PelosiThere’s a reason this is a subject she’s tried to ignore.
Dec. 5 2018 3:20 PMThe Big Question for House DemocratsWill Democrats use their new perch to try to pass bipartisan legislation—or just signal for 2020? The answer is a work in progress.
Dec. 4 2018 7:31 PMTrump Is More Loyal to Dictators Than to the U.S.His lies about Jamal Khashoggi’s murder are a threat to national security.
Dec. 3 2018 6:08 PMIt’s Actually Not a “Good Time” for a Government ShutdownDespite what the president tweets, he knows this. Here’s how Trump will save face when he caves.
Nov. 30 2018 6:21 PM“Between the Sea and the Jordan There Will Only Be Israeli Sovereignty”The phrase that apparently prompted CNN to fire Marc Lamont Hill has a long history in Israel. Not that his critics care.
Nov. 29 2018 7:45 PMNever Trumpers for TrumpHow Trump’s conservative critics became wingmen for the president’s supporters.
Nov. 29 2018 1:00 PMMueller’s Newest Filings Point to Trump’s Associates Breaking Election Law
Nov. 28 2018 7:45 PMPelosi Wins the Democrats’ Nomination for Speaker—but It Ain’t Over YetShe still needs to win over a few opponents to secure the gavel in January.
Nov. 27 2018 6:55 PMThe Mississippi Special Election Is a Glimpse Into America’s Polarized FutureEspy has a shot, but Hyde-Smith will probably ride racial resentment all the way to Washington.
Nov. 27 2018 4:19 PMAt the End of the Day, Mueller’s Investigation Is About Espionage
Nov. 26 2018 11:01 AMBlue Wave, Red TownHow my middle school guidance counselor became the first Democratic state representative elected in Bedford, New Hampshire, since 1934.
Nov. 25 2018 7:00 PMTrump’s Christian Apologists Are UnchristianPolls show that on immigration, race, and poverty, white evangelical Protestants have surrendered moral judgment and social responsibility.