The Damage Is Done

Donald Trump wants credit for ending a crisis he created.

June 20 2018 6:29 PMThe Enduring Illusion of Powerful MenWhy we keep overinflating a feckless president.
June 19 2018 4:16 PMWe’re Not Better Than This. But We Can Try to Be.How can I be good when everything feels so bad?
June 19 2018 3:28 PMFormer First Ladies Are Now Using Their Gendered Role for Good
June 18 2018 6:24 PMThe Political Price of CrueltyStephen Miller thought separating migrant families would provoke Democrats and bolster Trump. The backlash will be painful for his boss and his party.
June 17 2018 9:27 PMTrump’s Damning DoublespeakThe White House’s complaints about the FBI imply there’s ample evidence of collusion with Russia.
June 15 2018 4:02 PMImmoral LawDonald Trump only heeds “the law” when it comes to separating immigrant families.
June 14 2018 11:24 PMUnread OctoberThe FBI ignored Anthony Weiner’s laptop. That may have cost Hillary Clinton the election.
June 14 2018 5:52 AMIt’s All Too Much, and We Still Have to CareWhat’s going on at the border is horrifying, but we can’t go numb and turn away.
June 13 2018 5:27 PMHow the Republican Moderates Lost on ImmigrationSo much for the rebellion in the House.
June 12 2018 9:01 PMThe Kim ConTrump isn’t trying to win over North Korea’s leader. He’s using him to win over you.
June 11 2018 1:21 PMWhy Democrats Should Keep Moving LeftMitt Romney said Democrats will nominate someone “out of the mainstream” in 2020. Nothing could be further from the truth.
June 7 2018 7:11 PMBack to BasicsDonald Trump returns to race baiting as Republicans stumble toward the midterms.
June 7 2018 10:53 AMRemember “Crack Mayor” Rob Ford? His Meaner Older Brother Could Become Ontario’s Premier on Thursday.
June 6 2018 9:11 AMHow Democrats Beat the System in California
June 5 2018 7:38 PMHow “Top Two” Primaries Undermine DemocracyCalifornia’s system is designed to defang political parties. That’s the problem.
June 20 2018 1:07 PMHow the Senate Can Stop Trump’s Child Separation PolicyRefuse to confirm any of Trump’s judicial nominees.
June 19 2018 4:04 PMThe “Animal” Debate Is OverSeparating families at the border shows exactly what Donald Trump thinks of immigrants.
June 19 2018 1:32 PMHow They Defend the IndefensibleThe Trump administration is playing a game of choose your own facts, but every single version of this story ends with screaming children in cages.
June 18 2018 5:55 PMIt’s Going to Be a Messy Immigration Week on Capitol HillDACA, border security, and family separation are all coming to a head.
June 15 2018 5:09 PMHere’s How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the BorderLawyers, translators, donations, protest.
June 15 2018 11:58 AMCelebrities Aren’t Dooming DemocratsHollywood punditry doesn’t matter.
June 14 2018 6:09 PMWe Are in a Linguistic Emergency When It Comes to TrumpHe is getting exactly what he wants.
June 13 2018 6:48 PMVirginia’s LossIn nominating Corey Stewart for Senate, the state sees its reactionary fringe go mainstream.
June 13 2018 8:53 AMRepublicans Went All in for Trump in Tuesday’s Primaries
June 11 2018 8:19 PMJeff Flake Should Do SomethingModerate Republicans like to talk about the dangers of Donald Trump. They should take action instead.
June 10 2018 8:12 PMWhy Jeff Sessions Won’t QuitThe attorney general intends to deter immigration at all costs—even if that means abducting children.
June 7 2018 4:05 PMPaul Ryan Buys More Time in House Immigration BattleRebellious moderates agree to back down for a few days. Again.
June 6 2018 5:28 PMThe Feinstein ProblemCalifornia’s primary showed why the Democratic Party is stuck in place.
June 6 2018 1:23 AMDemocrats’ Newest Headache Is in New Jersey
June 5 2018 6:37 PMThe Enlightenment’s Dark SideHow the Enlightenment created modern race thinking, and why we should confront it.