Bad Habits

Why October’s campaign attacks explain next year’s political dysfunction.

Oct. 24 2014 7:04 PMVote for Bruce Something-or-OtherMichelle Obama didn’t know the Democratic Senate candidate’s name. Will Iowans remember Bruce Braley on Election Day? 
Oct. 23 2014 3:55 PMPanda SluggersDemocrats are in trouble. Time to bash China.
Oct. 22 2014 11:06 AMThe Right to RunIf you can vote, you should be able to run for public office—any office.
Oct. 20 2014 8:14 PMYou Should Be Optimistic About EbolaDon’t panic. Here are all the signs that the U.S. is containing the disease.
Oct. 20 2014 6:24 PMThe GOP Can’t Quit “Willie Horton”Even though they promise to do so, again and again.
Oct. 17 2014 1:55 PMThe Gulf That Divides UsThe Whiteness Project underscores why there is so little empathy between whites and blacks. 
Oct. 16 2014 5:46 PMPurple GeorgiaWhy the Democratic Party is placing big bets on Georgia.
Oct. 16 2014 12:23 PMMaximum ChaosWhy control of the Senate likely won’t be decided on Election Day.
Oct. 15 2014 7:38 PMThe Reasonable Extremists Among UsFor right-wing Republicans, the formula is easy: Appear moderate.
Oct. 14 2014 5:39 PMTribal PoliticsStudies suggest the overwhelming motivation behind voter ID laws is hyper-partisanship, not racism.
Oct. 14 2014 4:44 PMThe Lesser of Two LessersWhich Kentucky Senate candidate was more disingenuous?
Oct. 13 2014 3:18 PMMidterm Mind GamesWith three weeks left, Republicans and Democrats are now engaged in psychological warfare.
Oct. 10 2014 2:51 PMThe Next Culture WarThe battle over same-sex marriage is drawing to a close. What will we fight about now?
Oct. 9 2014 3:19 PMBush HuggersDemocrats running for office would rather attach themselves to leading Republicans than their own president.
Oct. 9 2014 10:53 AMThe Next Assault on Civil RightsThe Roberts court has been hostile toward voting rights and affirmative action. Its next target is the Fair Housing Act.
Oct. 23 2014 7:28 PMThe Scene of the CrimeAutopsy results aren’t going to answer the essential question: Why did Michael Brown have to die?
Oct. 22 2014 9:42 PMLandslide LandrieuCan the Louisiana Democrat use the powers of incumbency to save herself one more time?
Oct. 22 2014 12:44 AMWe Need More Ben BradleesHis relationship with John F. Kennedy shows what’s missing from today’s Washington journalism.
Oct. 20 2014 7:13 PMDeadly AdviceWhen it comes to Ebola, ignore American public opinion: It’s ignorant and misinformed about the disease.
Oct. 20 2014 3:53 PMSmash and GrabWill competitive Senate contests in Kansas and South Dakota lead to more late-breaking races in future elections?
Oct. 17 2014 1:05 PMThe Ebola VoterThirteen ways Democrats and Republicans are exploiting the virus for political gain.
Oct. 16 2014 2:00 PMSweating the Small StuffWhy Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to debate Charlie Crist over a fan goes all the way back to the most famous debates of all time.
Oct. 15 2014 11:49 PMOffice PoliticsInside the PAC teaching corporate America how to make its employees vote for the right candidates and causes.
Oct. 14 2014 6:30 PMWhy Don’t We Have an Ebola Vaccine?Washington missed its chance to be prepared. Now, politicians are fighting over whom to blame.
Oct. 14 2014 5:38 PMArchbishop, Confess!Does Archbishop Charles Chaput give Catholic Republicans wiggle room on the death penalty?
Oct. 13 2014 7:12 PMBlack and BlueWhy more diverse police departments won’t put an end to police misconduct. 
Oct. 10 2014 5:14 PMThe Wrong Side of the MajorityThom Tillis says most North Carolinians are against gay marriage. He couldn’t be more wrong.
Oct. 9 2014 7:57 PMAre Quarantines Really Legal?The rules and regulations on confining people who’ve been exposed to Ebola.
Oct. 9 2014 2:58 PMISIS South of the BorderRepublicans in tight races are hoping the jihadists will help get them elected.
Oct. 9 2014 5:25 AMThe Battle for the AirwavesDemocrats just buried their Republican opponents in an avalanche of TV ad buys across the key battleground states.