“Protect Us Against Our Enemies”

The story of one Syrian fighter and why his capture is a major defeat for America’s war on ISIS.     

July 31 2015 7:42 PMNot Fit to LeadThe Iran hearings have shown how the Republican Party can no longer be trusted with the presidency.
July 29 2015 11:55 AMHow to Fix Our InterstatesHint: Not with more asphalt.
July 23 2015 5:26 PMBad PollsWhy you should ignore all those new numbers that say Hillary is doomed.
July 22 2015 5:03 PMBlame the PoliceSandra Bland’s arrest and death are a national scandal. The police are responsible.
July 20 2015 6:59 PMThe TrumpeterDonald Trump is unlikely to be president for many reasons. One is his lack of modesty.
July 17 2015 6:13 PMThe Case for Covering TrumpThe Donald can’t win the nomination, but the media has a duty to cover his bigoted, doomed, PR stunt of a campaign anyway.
July 14 2015 3:08 PMTwo AmericasHillary Clinton and Scott Walker have utterly different visions for our future.
July 13 2015 7:17 PMScott Walker Is the Perfect GOP Candidate    Why aren’t I more excited about him?
July 10 2015 3:41 PMThe Real Immigration Wild Card Republicans are scared of what Donald Trump will say on the debate stage—but it’s John Kasich who could really shake things up.
July 9 2015 10:35 PMLoss LeaderDonald Trump must really want to be president. Because he is letting his brand take a beating.
July 8 2015 6:17 PMThe GOP’s Two Latino ProblemsRepublicans aren’t just alienating Latinos. They are turning off some white voters along the way.
July 7 2015 2:43 PMThe GOP’s Border WarDonald Trump and Jeb Bush are polar opposites on immigration. Where on the spectrum will the GOP fall?
July 5 2015 7:12 PMI Haven’t Got Time for the ’PaignFinally, a browser extension that will allow you to filter out campaign coverage until it really matters.
July 1 2015 4:51 PMThe GOP Base Loves TrumpIt sees itself in his foreign policy belligerence, anti-elite agitation, and raw bigotry.
June 29 2015 8:44 PMEasy AAThe Supreme Court might destroy affirmative action because this white woman’s grades weren’t good enough.
July 31 2015 1:17 PMMr. MannersWhy Donald Trump may play the choir boy in next week’s GOP debate.
July 28 2015 11:56 AMSarah Palin’s PAC Is Spending More on Hotels and Travel Than on Republican CandidatesSarahPAC, like the former candidate’s TV career, is on the wane.
July 22 2015 8:05 PMA Jackass in a HailstormBy Donald Trump’s logic, John Kasich should be beating him.
July 21 2015 2:46 PMTrump’s Not Done YetWhy his comments about McCain and his doxing of Graham won’t end his candidacy.
July 20 2015 3:12 PMMore Than a Food FightWhy Hillary should take the Black Lives Matter Netroots fracas seriously.
July 16 2015 9:14 AMGoing the DistanceScott Walker has a disciplined stump speech that delights conservatives. And he can deliver it in his sleep.
July 13 2015 10:51 PMThe Audacity to WinScott Walker wants to be the GOP’s bold, safe choice. 
July 13 2015 6:18 PMMade in WisconsinScott Walker thinks being governor will make him a great president. Actually, that’s unlikely.
July 10 2015 11:14 AMAmericans Shouldn’t Fear Mexican ImmigrantsBut Mexican immigrants have every right to fear Americans.
July 9 2015 1:02 PMHow Republicans Can Still Make Gay Marriage a Winning IssueLiberals won the legal ruling, but conservatives can still define what marriage means.
July 8 2015 4:53 PMA Matter of TrustHillary Clinton doesn’t like questions about her emailing habits, but they are utterly legitimate questions to ask. 
July 6 2015 5:39 PMWhy Bernie Sanders Is the Left’s Ron PaulHe isn’t going to win his party’s nomination, but his popularity still matters. 
July 2 2015 8:08 PMChris Christie’s Hard TruthsThe New Jersey governor wants to “tell it like it is.” That isn’t the whole truth.
June 30 2015 6:23 PMIf You See a Chance, Take ItChris Christie’s doomed campaign and the hard lesson of presidential politics.
June 29 2015 2:47 PMThe Case Against PolygamyChief Justice John Roberts says the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling paves the way for plural unions. He’s wrong.