Thank You for Your Service, Whoever You Are

Opponents of the NFL protests have reduced “the troops” to a monolithic prop. The truth is a lot more complicated.

Sept. 26 2017 11:34 AMWhat’s Behind Dan Rather’s Wild Popularity?In an era of insanity, his thoughts on journalism, covering civil rights, and morality are grounding—and inspiring.
Sept. 25 2017 9:11 PM“Us” Versus “Them”Trump’s obsession with the NFL protests above all else shows just whose president he is.
Sept. 25 2017 4:44 PMTrump Is Ignoring Puerto Rico’s SufferingThe administration’s feeble response to Hurricane Maria rivals Bush’s after Katrina.
Sept. 23 2017 9:52 PMIndependence DayWhat will the U.S do when Iraqi Kurds vote to split from Iraq this week?
Sept. 21 2017 7:40 PMNo Truth, No ConsequencesEvery attempt to repeal Obamacare has been built on lies. Graham-Cassidy is no different.
Sept. 20 2017 1:44 PMOur DemagogueFor the first time at the U.N., the American president was just another populist thug.
Sept. 19 2017 7:19 PMThe Real Political CorrectnessIt’s people who criticize racism who are silenced, not those who embrace it.
Sept. 18 2017 5:50 AM“I Am a Working-Class Guy” 
A Wisconsin ironworker is the Democratic Party’s new star. Does he have anything to offer besides his image?
Sept. 15 2017 9:27 PMBerkeley’s BindAfter being mocked by the right-wing media in advance of Ben Shapiro's speech, the school now faces angry students, frustrated faculty, and the return of Milo.
Sept. 14 2017 8:28 PMTrump Is Playing Two-Dimensional ChessThe president wants to be loved. His moves on immigration will make him hated. Bring on the tax cuts!
Sept. 13 2017 6:00 AMHillary in My HeadClinton is not known for the expressivity of her voice. But the What Happened audiobook is surprisingly lovely.
Sept. 11 2017 9:28 PM“You Have to Side With Him”What the 60 Minutes interview revealed about Bannon’s fascist mindset.
Sept. 11 2017 2:54 PMDonald Trump Is Not an IndependentIn every way that matters, he is a Republican president leading a Republican administration.
Sept. 7 2017 6:40 PMDonald + Chuck + NancyHow long can this romance last?
Sept. 6 2017 6:43 PMTrump Sides With the DemocratsWhy the president snubbed his own party in the debt ceiling fight.
Sept. 26 2017 5:55 AMThe Most Cynical Republican on ObamacareMike Pence successfully expanded Medicaid in Indiana. He would have rather torpedoed the law—and hurt his former constituents—than admit that it works.
Sept. 25 2017 8:55 PMNo Path to 50Graham-Cassidy 2.0 is as doomed as its predecessors.
Sept. 25 2017 5:54 AMGuardians of White InnocenceThe Sons of Confederate Veterans want to convince Americans that Southern heritage isn’t about slavery and racism. Is it a lost cause?
Sept. 22 2017 10:28 PMThe Donald Trump Election Brag TrackerHow long has it been since the president reminded us of his “massive landslide victory”?
Sept. 20 2017 2:01 PMIt Wasn’t GridlockThe cynical reason why Republicans called off bipartisan talks to stabilize Obamacare.
Sept. 20 2017 11:13 AMWhy Democrats Should Love the GOP Health Care PlanGraham-Cassidy could turn a red electoral map blue.
Sept. 19 2017 11:23 AMAll Tribes Are Not EqualAndrew Sullivan’s simplistic diagnosis—and unrealistic cure—for what ails us.
Sept. 17 2017 8:00 PMThe Wealth Gap Between Whites and Blacks Is WideningThe myth of racial equality is having real and devastating consequences.
Sept. 15 2017 12:35 PMThe Strongest Evidence Yet Donald Trump Is Violating Constitutional Anti-Corruption ClausesNew documents show the National Security Council spent taxpayer money at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.
Sept. 13 2017 5:41 PMAdvice for Democrats on Single-PayerDon’t lie about it.
Sept. 12 2017 6:58 PMSteve Bannon’s Intellectual Reputation Is a CharadeHis erudite-sounding arguments ignore facts and revise history to coincide with his nationalist worldview.
Sept. 11 2017 7:18 PMWhat Steve Bannon Is Up ToHe isn’t targeting GOP incumbents to defend Trump’s honor. He’s doing it for himself.
Sept. 8 2017 10:44 AMTrump the TriangulatorIt’s totally logical for the president to try to team up with Democrats. Does it make sense for the Dems?
Sept. 6 2017 7:35 PMThe Wrong Side of the LawWhen the Trump administration refers to the “rule of law,” it really means “exclusion.”
Sept. 5 2017 7:39 PMTrump’s Secret LetterWhat the never-sent note to Comey tells us about the firing and the cover-up.