The Stunt Presidency

Donald Trump plans to replace governing with gimmickry. It’s already working.

Dec. 3 2016 4:42 PMSomali Refugees Are Not a ThreatTheir Columbus community is being painted as a hotbed of terror. It’s the opposite.
Dec. 2 2016 5:33 PMSo We’re Still Blaming Jill Stein and James Comey, Huh?Ask why the campaign was so close in the first place.
Dec. 1 2016 5:40 PMHate in AmericaAn updating list.
Nov. 30 2016 4:26 PMHow Nancy Pelosi Won (and Spun)Pelosi framed her toughest challenge for House leadership as a vote-counting masterpiece.
Nov. 30 2016 1:04 PMTrump and the GOP Have Massively Unpopular Tax PoliciesEven wealthy Republican voters support higher taxes for themselves.
Nov. 29 2016 6:05 PMTim Ryan Wants to Make the Democrats Great AgainNancy Pelosi’s challenger in the House doesn’t want to hear about Zika, OK?
Nov. 29 2016 11:27 AMHow to Manipulate Donald TrumpHe’s an emotional weakling, and his recent interviews give us models for dealing with it.
Nov. 27 2016 8:00 PMKeep Hope AliveDemoralized Democrats have a road map for success in Trump’s America. It was written by Jesse Jackson.
Nov. 22 2016 4:33 PMDonald Trump Will Never Make Peace With the MediaSo why would the media try?
Nov. 22 2016 10:19 AMThe Trump Administration Has One PrincipleThere are no principles.
Nov. 21 2016 5:50 PMWhy Senate Republicans Need the Filibuster, TooMajorities like to be protected from themselves.
Nov. 18 2016 4:05 PMGovernment by the Worst MenDonald Trump’s appointees represent a coherent ideology and perspective, one that should terrify all Americans.
Nov. 16 2016 6:01 PMI Can’t Stand to Think About Donald TrumpIs it shameful to hide from the reality of his presidency?
Nov. 15 2016 7:02 PMWhy the Democrats Need Keith EllisonThe candidate for DNC chairman wants to lead an anti-Trump resistance, not search for areas of cooperation.
Nov. 15 2016 2:29 PMThe Case Against Serving in the Trump AdministrationWhy principled conservatives and career civil servants should stay far, far away.
Dec. 2 2016 8:03 PMThe President-Elect Is a Roman EmperorAt the Carrier plant and his “thank you” rally, Donald Trump reveled in his own volatility.
Dec. 2 2016 4:49 PMDonald Trump’s Locker RoomThis is how he talks about the rest of America when he’s with his buddies.
Dec. 1 2016 3:59 PMThe Myth of the Rust Belt RevoltDonald Trump didn’t flip working-class white voters. Hillary Clinton lost them.
Nov. 30 2016 3:27 PMHow a Libertarian Carpetbagger Helped Steal a Senate Seat for DemocratsNew Hampshire’s libertarian utopian movement leaves its first mark on national politics.
Nov. 29 2016 6:35 PMWe Can’t Afford to Ignore Donald Trump’s TweetsHis 140-character spasms might be a distraction. But they are also too dangerous to dismiss.
Nov. 29 2016 4:41 PMThe Truth About Donald Trump’s LiesDebunking them as lies misses the point. They’re aspirational. They signal what might become reality.
Nov. 28 2016 4:23 PMNone of Their BusinessThe mogul president’s ethical baggage won’t matter until it becomes political baggage for Republicans.
Nov. 23 2016 10:56 AMThe Alt-Right Is Using TrumpBen Shapiro on how the group will take advantage of its newfound prominence.
Nov. 22 2016 1:45 PMDemocratic Politics Have to Be “Identity Politics”Ignore the PC backlash. Under Trump, the Democratic Party needs to focus on the concerns of its most vulnerable members.
Nov. 21 2016 7:11 PMCan Anything Stop the Confirmation of Jeff Sessions?Why his long history of racist words and bigoted deeds won’t disqualify him.
Nov. 18 2016 6:05 PMShould Democrats Work With Donald Trump?Only under the following extremely stringent conditions.
Nov. 18 2016 3:26 PMA Few Things Trump Could Do to Unite Us(If he really wanted to.)
Nov. 16 2016 3:17 PMThe Democrats Are Screwing Up the Resistance to Donald TrumpBernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren misread the election: You can’t untangle Trump’s populism from his racism.
Nov. 15 2016 6:05 PMWelcome to the Paul Ryan PresidencyIf the inept transition is any indication, Donald Trump will be the figurehead. The House speaker will run the show.
Nov. 15 2016 2:12 PMScrew Your FeelingsThe supposed good intentions of millions of Trump supporters were rendered morally irrelevant by their vote.