The Party of Michael Bloomberg

Why rich voters have found a home among the Democrats.  

July 27 2016 7:55 PMDonald Trump Isn’t a Manchurian CandidateTrump and Putin are using each other.
July 27 2016 4:36 PMThe GOP Is No Longer the Party of National SecurityNo party with Trump at its head can claim that mantle.
July 27 2016 1:21 AMBill Clinton’s Love SongHis speech was long, beautiful, and finally gave Hillary the credit she deserves.
July 26 2016 5:15 PMWhat Twitter Is Saying About Night 2 of the Democratic National ConventionThe instant spin room.
July 26 2016 12:03 PMI Have a QuoteThe GOP invoked Martin Luther King throughout the RNC as a prophet of the status quo. Elizabeth Warren exposed the myth.
July 25 2016 6:17 PMWhat Twitter Is Saying About Night 1 of the Democratic National ConventionThe instant spin room.
July 25 2016 3:52 PMBernie’s Delegates Don’t Need BernieThey can disrupt a convention all on their own.
July 22 2016 6:10 PM153 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be PresidentHow many times has Donald Trump disqualified himself from holding the most powerful job in the world? You be the judge.
July 22 2016 1:34 AMThe Republican Party Is Out of IdeasThe GOP is now purely a cult of personality.
July 22 2016 1:07 AMThe Next TrumpThe GOP nominee is totally unhinged. But a better, cooler, more polished demagogue could rise in his wake.
July 22 2016 12:58 AMThe Dark, Resentful Voice Behind Trump’s RNC SpeechStephen Miller writes nonsense, soaked in blood.
July 22 2016 12:12 AMDonald Trump’s Speech Was Just Another ScamThe world he described doesn’t exist.
July 21 2016 2:41 PMTrump Is Dangerously Incompetent on National SecurityHis promise to abandon NATO allies is a huge gift to Russia and China.
July 21 2016 12:46 PMThe Real Winner of the RNC: Vladimir PutinThe Trump campaign continues its terrifying effort to cozy up to the Kremlin.
July 21 2016 9:50 AMPutin’s PuppetIf the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests—and advance his own—he’d look a lot like Donald Trump.
July 27 2016 6:00 PMWhat Twitter Is Saying About Night 3 of the Democratic National ConventionThe instant spin room.
July 27 2016 9:25 AMHumanizing HillaryBill Clinton talked for 42 minutes about how much he loves his wife. Will voters care?
July 26 2016 5:26 PMThe Party of Trump vs. the Party of Traditional ValuesAt the DNC, speakers are framing liberal arguments in conservative terms.
July 26 2016 4:56 PMThe Radical Message of Michelle Obama’s SpeechAmerica’s story is a black woman’s story.
July 26 2016 11:24 AMThe DNC Hack Is Watergate, but WorseThe email dump isn’t a high-minded act of transparency. It’s a foreign power attempting to swing an election for its favored candidate.
July 25 2016 4:40 PMDemocrats Aren't in Disarray. A Minority of Bernie Supporters Are in a Snit.What do the Sanders dead-enders want, exactly? 
July 24 2016 8:01 PMThe Hillary HatersFew figures in American political life have inspired such deep and decades-long contempt. But why?
July 22 2016 10:50 AMMy Quest to Find Jeb’s Delegates at the RNCI imagined them as knights ready to do battle for their fallen hero. Here’s what I found instead.
July 22 2016 1:19 AMDonald Trump Should Have Channeled Pat Buchanan in His Convention SpeechIt would have softened his image.
July 22 2016 1:06 AMIn the End, There Was No White KnightDonald Trump successfully took over my party, and all that’s left is despair.
July 22 2016 12:49 AMDonald Trump’s Un-American Acceptance SpeechThere was no reference to the nation’s history, its values, or even its armed forces. There was only Trump.
July 21 2016 4:46 PMDaughters Don’t Let Their Mothers Watch Fox NewsHow to use “parental lock” to prevent your parents from tuning in to cable news.
July 21 2016 1:15 PMWill Ted Cruz Ever Be Forgiven?“Sir, I’m not going to engage in a screaming fight.” At breakfast with the archvillain of the RNC.
July 21 2016 11:23 AMMike Pence’s New GodThe Christian conservative was supposed to bring morality to Trump’s campaign. Instead he caved to Trump. 
July 21 2016 8:44 AMTed Cruz Just Made Himself a Conservative IconRefusing to endorse Donald Trump was a genius career move.