Slate votes.

Slate votes.

Slate votes.

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Oct. 26 2004 6:32 PM

Slate Votes

At this magazine, it's Kerry by a landslide!

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I'm voting for Kerry/Edwards because I'd like a change from all the meaningless rhetoric and lack of plans for the future.

Mia Fineman, Curator and Art Writer:Kerry


I'll be voting for Kerry, for all the reasons you'd expect to hear from a liberal, artsy, underpaid member of the "reality-based community"—but particularly because my reality is a secular one and I don't want to see our government further colonized by the fundamentalist Christian right.

Kris Fritz, Software Development Engineer:Kerry

If Bush gets re-elected, I might have to change citizenship and move to another country. I believe Kerry has what it takes to put this country back on track with respect to both foreign and domestic issues. There is also a high probability that the next president will be selecting a chairman of the Federal Reserve and several Supreme Court justices, and I don't want George Bush making those choices. The only downside (in my opinion) to not re-electing Bush would be no more "Bushisms"on Slate.

Richard Ford, Law Professor and Contributor: Kerry

I will vote for John Kerry for president. I suppose my reasons are typical: I think Bush's polices, both foreign and domestic, have been spectacularly bad for the nation. The Bush administration exploited the tragedy of 9/11 in order to pursue a war in Iraq that was entirely unrelated to that event. In its zeal to invade Iraq, the Bush administration has alienated many of our allies and tarnished the reputation of the United States. It misled the American people and our allies about the rationale for the war and it radically underestimated the difficulty of the post-invasion occupation. Domestically, Bush has cynically used 9/11 to create a domestic security bureaucracy that invades the civil liberties of Americans while doing little to make us safer. He has ruined the finances of the nation, running up one of the largest deficits in history. Again, Bush points to 9/11—the scapegoat for every bad decision the administration makes—but in fact the cause of the deficit spending is the war in Iraq and the administration's tax cuts—questionable even in a time of peace but staggeringly irresponsible in a time of crisis. We need a change.

David Greenberg, Contributor: Kerry

I'm voting for Kerry. He's intelligent, honorable, able, hard-working and (shh!) liberal, which means I agree with him on most of the issues that matter. But politics aside, I'd vote for practically anyone instead of Bush, because I don't think he really believes in democracy. Why do I say this? Let me refer you, if I might, to what I wrote about Bush over the summer in The New Yorker and the Washington Monthly.

Christop her Hitchens, Contributor: No Choice *

I am assuming for now that this is a single-issue election. There is one's subjective vote, one's objective vote, and one's ironic vote. Subjectively, Bush (and Blair) deserve to be re-elected because they called the enemy by its right name and were determined to confront it. Objectively, Bush deserves to be sacked for his flabbergasting failure to prepare for such an essential confrontation. Subjectively, Kerry should be put in the pillory for his inability to hold up on principle under any kind of pressure. Objectively, his election would compel mainstream and liberal Democrats to get real about Iraq.