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Slate votes.

Slate votes.

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Oct. 26 2004 6:32 PM

Slate Votes

At this magazine, it's Kerry by a landslide!

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Mark Alan Stamaty, Illustrator: Kerry

Because I believe Bush is arrogant, ill-informed, reckless, and politically uncompassionate and unwise in his policies that favor the rich and ignore many important concerns.


Mike Steinberger, Wine Writer: Kerry

I will be voting for John Kerry, and not simply because he and the missus apparently have a wine cellar that I would enjoy plundering. In contrast to most of his supporters, I actually like Kerry. Sure, he can be long-winded, pompous, and evasive, but I'm not aware of too many politicians who aren't similarly afflicted. I detect a decency about Kerry that I find appealing, and I think he might just surprise people. But like most Kerry supporters, I plan to vote for him mainly because I want George Bush evicted from the White House. Quite apart from his calamitous domestic policies, Bush screwed up the one thing he, and we, couldn't afford to screw up—Iraq (a war I supported). Bush has spent a lifetime failing upward; he needs to be taken down for this failure.

Dana Stevens, Television Writer: Kerry

I tried to think of a way to write this answer that wouldn't sound embarrassingly earnest and outraged, but the hell with it. This year, that's exactly what I am, so let's go with it: I'm voting for Kerry because the current president has done absolutely nothing to earn my vote in the past four years. His domestic policy is nonexistent (except for the shameless upward redistribution of wealth) and his foreign policy is disastrous and deadly. He and his cabal of gnarled trolls have taken our great country (not to mention all of the Middle East) down a path that it's possible no election will ever be able to fix.

At first Kerry seemed like a default choice—I didn't see why he had emerged from the pack of Democratic hopefuls. But as the campaign's progressed, he's won me over. Like Al Gore, he comes off as a stiff, pompous policy wonk, but I actually kind of like that in a candidate—it shows that they actually like sitting down and thinking about all the boring stuff you need to know in order to run a country. Since when did the job of president stop requiring a résumé?

But most of all, I'm voting for Kerry so that every time I turn on the TV (which I have to do a lot for my job) I don't risk having to look at that whiny, pusillanimous face and listen to that fake cowboy drawl.

Seth Stevenson, Contributor:Kerry

I'm voting for Kerry. The Bush administration frigging TERRIFIES me. It's not that I hate them. It's just that I think they're deranged and incompetent. They literally make me fear for the fate of the world. (Granted, Bush might be much more fun to have beers with. But I'm told he quit drinking.)

Chris Suellentrop, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief: Kerry