Slate votes.

Slate votes.

Slate votes.

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Oct. 26 2004 6:32 PM

Slate Votes

At this magazine, it's Kerry by a landslide!

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The ironic votes are the endorsements for Kerry that appear in Buchanan's anti-war sheet The American Conservative, and the support for Kerry's pro-war candidacy manifested by those simple folks at I can't compete with this sort of thing, but I do think that Bush deserves praise for his implacability, and that Kerry should get his worst private nightmare and have to report for duty.

Jim Holt, Contributor: Kerry


Let me cite one relatively marginal reason: Kerry opposes the death penalty. In doing so, he passes a test of rationality and moral decency that every other Republican and Democratic presidential candidate has failed for at least the last three elections.

Margo Howard, Advice Columnist: Kerry

John Kerry. It is time for somebody smart again. And by voting for Kerry I will feel I have done my part to get Cheney, Rummy, and Wolfowitz out of the catbird's seat.

Fred Kaplan, Contributor:Kerry

I'm voting for Kerry. Bush has done too much damage to America's reputation in the world. His view of the world is naive and, too often, wrong. His victory would mean a victory for the most cynical politics practiced by any president in my memory. I also generally admire Kerry.

Jon Katz, Contributor:Kerry

I do not like politics, and especially hate being squeezed by the left-right dichotomy—the Crossfire effect—that makes contemporary politics so obnoxious and contrary to Jefferson's idea of a real mixing of ideas. In and out of media, it seems we no longer talk to others but only to ourselves. Often, I simply do not vote. But I decided to vote for John Kerry during the first presidential debate because his approach to the war in Iraq seemed sensible and thoughtful. I felt that President Bush—who responded bravely and well to 9/11, I thought—appeared to now be incapable of moderating or altering his views, admitting error, acknowledging dissenters, or engaging in a real conversation or debate. He also seems to me to be mixing politics and religion, in this case talking to God rather than listening to advisers, foreign leaders, or voters. This is a serious flaw in a U.S. president, especially during a war.

Mickey Kaus, Contributor: Kerry

I'm voting for Kerry, mainly because I think Bush is prosecuting the fight against terrorism in a way that will make us dramatically less safe unless we have a conspicuous change at the top. Even if you supported the war in Iraq, now is the time to a) try to preserve our gains in that country and Afghanistan while we b) let the world calm down so that fewer people hate us (and hence fewer people try to come and kill us).