What we like right now: A recommendations roundup from Slate writers and editors for June 8.

Here Are Our Favorite Reads From Around the Web This Week

Here Are Our Favorite Reads From Around the Web This Week

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June 11 2015 6:02 PM

What We Like Right Now

Our favorite picks for the week of June 8, curated by Slate writers and editors.


Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Shutterstock and Jacky Chen/Reuters.

Curious about what we’re digging? What We Like Right Now is a curated recommendations list from Slate editors and writers, just for Slate Plus members.

Here are our favorite stories, podcasts, and videos from around the Web for the week of June 8.

  • Staff writer Jamelle Bouie likes ...
    Green Leader” by Daniel Warren Johnson, Space-Mullet!
    “This is a very sad comic about an extremely minor Star Wars character.”
  • Slate’s design director Vivian Selbo likes ...
    Six Days in North Korea” by David Guttenfelder, the New York Times
    “The NYT has created an impressive, nearly immersive new format for their photo gallery.”
  • Chairman and editor-in-chief of The Slate Group Jacob Weisberg likes ...
    Public Radio Is Seeing a Shift in Digital Listening” by Joseph Lichterman, Nieman Lab
    “Public radio listening is going down on a newspaper trajectory. Podcast listening is rising on a digital trajectory.”