What We Like Right Now: A recommendations roundup from Slate writers and editors.

This Week’s Best of the Web, Curated by Slatesters

This Week’s Best of the Web, Curated by Slatesters

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Feb. 26 2015 10:00 AM

What We Like Right Now

Our favorite picks for the week of Feb. 23, curated by Slate writers and editors.

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Curious about what we’re digging? What We Like Right Now is a curated recommendations list from Slate editors and writers, just for Slate Plus members.

Here are our favorite stories, podcasts, and videos from around the Web for the week of Feb. 23.

  • Culture editor Dan Kois likes

My Saga, Part 1” by Karl Ove Knausgaard, New York Times Magazine

“I just said ‘holy shit’ out loud so, good job, Times Mag.”

  • Staff writer Betsy Woodruff likes

“Great piece on the overhyping of a DHS report about sovereign citizens.”

  • Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait likes

Reading Authors Not Like Me” by John Scalzi, Whatever

“Let it be known that John Scalzi is an astonishingly lucid person.”

  • Senior editor Rachael Larimore likes

“Today’s example of why campuses should not be investigating sexual assault.”

  • Slate’s history writer Rebecca Onion likes

“What happens when a 5-year-old uses Twitter.”

  • Science and health editor Laura Helmuth likes

He Whose Name Shall Not Be Written” by Gershom Gorenberg, American Prospect

“Like Nixon, Israel’s prime minister is a maestro of resentment. Gershom Gorenberg will not write his name.”