Email overload: Chris Kirk reads his story “Battling My Daemons.” (AUDIO.)

My Mad Quest to Fix Email Showed Me the Real Reason We Hate It

My Mad Quest to Fix Email Showed Me the Real Reason We Hate It

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Feb. 23 2014 5:43 PM

Slate Voice: “Battling My Daemons”

 Listen to Slate’s Chris Kirk read his story on building his own email app from scratch.

Chris Kirk.

Photo illustration by Slate. Illustration by Charlie Powell.

This story is part of a special Slate Plus feature package on Chris Kirk’s longform reported story, “Battling My Daemons.” Be sure to check out the other Slate Plus exclusives related to this story, including a behind-the-scenes conversation between writer Chris Kirk and editor Dan Kois and an inside look at how bland interfaces and Helvetica overload inspired the author to design his own email program.

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