Conversations With Slate
Conversations With Slate
July 23 2012 11:03 AMLet the Games BeginLondon Mayor Boris Johnson on the fire eaters, hog roasts, and spiffy cable cars teed up for the Summer Olympics.
July 11 2012 12:25 PMBoris Johnson’s Dirty Little Secret Libertarian-leaning London mayor admits the people do need strong government.
May 30 2012 6:09 PMSomeone’s Always Watching MeAi Weiwei on what it’s like to live under constant surveillance by the Chinese government.
May 24 2012 2:05 PMTumblr vs. PinterestA Tumblr executive explains the real difference between the two sites—and takes other reader questions.
May 23 2012 2:40 PMThe Web’s Copyright ConundrumA Tumblr executive on how to share great stuff online without committing theft.
May 21 2012 2:25 PMHow Tumblr Squashed the TrollsTech executive Andrew McLaughlin on how the social network thwarts the nasty users who plague other sites.
May 15 2012 8:17 PMWes Anderson’s Last MealThe Oscar-nominated director reveals a taste for rabbit while answering Slate reader questions
May 14 2012 12:09 PMA Kingdom for ChildrenDirector Wes Anderson on the childlike fantasies at the heart of his new movie Moonrise Kingdom.
April 18 2012 12:43 PMElizabeth Banks’ Old-School StreakThe comic actress opens up about her biggest influences and answers your questions.
April 16 2012 2:18 PMBent for LaughsElizabeth Banks on the secret to great comic acting.
March 22 2012 1:03 PMIf You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of My Kitchen!Renowned chef Dan Barber reveals his temper flares and answers Slate reader questions.
March 1 2012 2:47 PMAttention to (Seemingly Irrelevant) DetailAuthor Michael Lewis on the secret of his success.
Feb. 27 2012 5:52 PMDon’t Let Big Banks Hold Us HostageThe Big Short author Michael Lewis on how to avoid another financial meltdown.
Jan. 23 2012 7:03 AMThe Case Against Porno ChicSimon Doonan’s Beef with 6-Inch Stilettos and Spray Tans
Jan. 18 2012 5:29 PMSimon SaysFashion guru Simon Doonan answers your burning style questions.
July 12 2012 3:24 PMThe Perils of PoshLondon Mayor Boris Johnson weighs in on British elitism and answers Slate reader questions.
July 10 2012 11:54 AMBig City Transit GeekLondon Mayor Boris Johnson on how bicycles and smooth mass transit can make people happier.
May 25 2012 10:45 AMThe World According to WesDirector Wes Anderson talks to Jacob Weisberg as his latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, comes to theaters.
May 23 2012 3:26 PMLearning How To Make Pork-Infused VeggiesJacob Weisberg chats about the highlights from his latest interview series.
May 22 2012 2:41 PMThe Great (Digital) WallTumblr executive Andrew McLaughlin on why American tech companies struggle in China.
May 17 2012 11:33 AMThe Circle of Wes ExpandsBruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, and Edward Norton join Bill Murray in Wes Anderson’s latest feature Moonrise Kingdom.
May 15 2012 1:10 PMLife in Stop-MotionWes Anderson loves stop-motion animation, but will he ever make another animated feature film again?
April 19 2012 2:21 PMMy Big Fat Early Career MistakeThe movie Elizabeth Banks wishes she’d never made.
April 17 2012 12:12 PMElizabeth Banks Knows What To ExpectThe actress opens up about parenting and the upcoming film adaption of What To Expect When You’re Expecting.
March 23 2012 6:20 AMIn Defense of MeatLocavore chef Dan Barber explains why vegetarians have blood on their hands.
March 21 2012 1:36 PMGood Dirt Is Hard To FindChef Dan Barber on the secret to making food sustainable and delicious.
Feb. 28 2012 3:07 PMWill the Sports Bubble Burst?Best-selling author Michael Lewis answers your questions.
Feb. 24 2012 6:50 AMThe Inside Story of Making MoneyballAuthor Michael Lewis dishes on Billy Beane’s reaction to the movie that almost wasn’t made.
Jan. 20 2012 7:45 AMLesbian Olive OilSimon Doonan’s unconventional dieting advice.
Jan. 17 2012 6:08 PMThere’s No Room for Style in a DemocracySimon Doonan on why only dictators can look hip.