Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hour 19.

Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hour 19.

Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hour 19.

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April 24 2007 5:09 PM

Spoiling 24

Dissecting Day 6, Hour 19.

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June Thomas is managing producer of Slate podcasts.


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The calendar has turned another page, and 24 has turned to romance. Not, mind you, that there's anything remotely romantic going on—instead, relationships seem to be causing a lot of aggravation. Chloe and Morris are fighting, Jack is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for Audrey, and Karen is throwing Bill under a bus (not literally for once).

As part of Slate's Spoiler Special podcast series, we've been hosting regular "post-view" discussions of Season 6 of 24. (Click here to listen to a discussion of the first four hours, here for a discussion of Hour 5, here for Hour 6, here for Hour 7, here for Hours 8 and 9, here for Hour 10, here for Hour 11, here for Hour 12, here for Hour 13, here for Hour 14, here for Hour 15, here for Hour 16, here for Hour 17, and here for Hour 18.)

In this podcast, Slate's Rachael Larimore and June Thomas discuss creepy 24 kisses, ponder Jack's yearning for martyrdom, and rejoice at hearing the best word in the 24 lexicon: spy.


Because we reveal plot twists in these chats, we recommend—but don't insist—that you watch the show before listening to the program.

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