Twitter commentary about the South Carolina primary and Nevada caucus results.

Twitter’s Top Pundits on Both Sides React to the Results in South Carolina and Nevada

Twitter’s Top Pundits on Both Sides React to the Results in South Carolina and Nevada

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Feb. 20 2016 3:35 PM

What Twitter Is Saying About the South Carolina Primary and Nevada Caucus Results

The instant spin room.

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2016 Presidential Candidates.

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We’re about to get a whole lot of information about voters’ preferences in the 2016 presidential race. Two nominating contests will take place on Saturday: the South Carolina primary for the GOP and the Nevada caucus for the Democrats. Donald Trump is favored to win in South Carolina, and Clinton has a narrow lead over Bernie Sanders in Nevada. But the runners-up matter, too. A bad performance in South Carolina could put the kibosh on Marco Rubio, who came in third in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire. And if Sanders gets close, in a state that just a few weeks ago Clinton was expected to win easily, that’s going to cause all sorts of hand-wringing at Hillary HQ.

Now you can watch the spin in real time as the results trickle in. Below, you’ll see left-leaning commentators on the left and right-leaning commentators on the right. Whose candidacies will survive South Carolina and Nevada? Let the spin begin!


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