Slate’s mistakes for the week of Feb. 20.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 20

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 20

Slate's mistakes.
Feb. 24 2017 4:08 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Due to a production error, a photo caption in the Feb. 26 Cover Story misstated Cristian Ramos’ age. He is 9, not 7.

In a Feb. 24 Brow Beat, Sam Adams misattributed Roger Ebert’s saying, “A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it,” to Gene Siskel.


Due to a production error, a Feb. 24 update to Hate in America misstated the number of fatalities in a Wednesday shooting in Kansas. Only one man from India was killed, not two.

In a Feb. 24 Slatest, Osita Nwanevu misattributed to Reince Priebus a quote comparing Donald Trump to William Jennings Bryan. Steve Bannon had made the remark.

In a Feb. 22 Slatest, Osita Nwanevu misstated that Olivia Nuzzi is employed at the Daily Beast. She is now Washington correspondent for New York magazine.

In a Feb. 22 Slatest, Osita Nwanevu misstated when Richard Spencer was seen at CPAC. It was Thursday, not Friday.


In a Feb. 22 XX Factor, Christina Cauterucci misstated that IVF practitioners transfer embryos after five days of development. They transfer embryos after either three or five days.

In a Feb. 21 Video, Jon Kelvey misstated that a bill that would have required the National Science Foundation to prove its research was “in the national interest” passed the House of Representatives this month. The legislation was proposed in February 2016 and never became law.

In a Feb. 20 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem mistakenly omitted Feb. 15, 2016, from the list of past Presidents Days.

In a Feb. 20 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misspelled Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen’s last name.

In a Feb. 12 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misspelled Milo Yiannopoulos’ last name.

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