Political Kombat: President Obama and Mitt Romney in a videogame fight.

President Obama Faces Mitt Romney in a Videogame Fight

President Obama Faces Mitt Romney in a Videogame Fight

The presidential campaign told as video game fights.
Nov. 1 2012 3:54 PM

The Battle Royale: Obama vs. Romney

The president and his Republican challenger fight to the finish.

Romney vs
Santorum + Cain
Romney vs
Gingrich + Paul
Obama vs
Biden vs
Obama vs

Less than week before Election Day, the outcome is by almost all accounts too close to call. As President Obama and Mitt Romney make their closing arguments, Slate V rolls out the final episode of Political Kombat ’12, which recounts the story of the campaign as a series of videogame fights.  

In the finale, President Obama goes head to head with Romney, and there’s a twist: You get to choose the outcome.

                Vote for an Obama victory here.              Vote for a Romney victory here.


In Episode 1, Romney faces off against Rick Santorum and Herman Cain.  Episode 2 features Romney in a pitched battle against Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. The third segment imagines a fight between President Obama and Donald Trump. And Episode 4 pits Paul Ryan against Joe Biden.