Twitter commentary on Indiana primary results.

Twitter’s Top Pundits React to the Results in Indiana

Twitter’s Top Pundits React to the Results in Indiana

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
May 3 2016 6:03 PM

What Twitter Is Saying About the Indiana Primary Results

The instant spin room.

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Photo illustration by Sofya Levina. Images by Scott Olson/Getty Images, Spencer Platt/Getty Images, and Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images.

Break out the Pepto-Bismol, because tonight may be the night Donald Trump essentially clinches the Republican nomination for president of the United States. Republicans and Democrats are voting in Indiana. If the polls are accurate, they’ll mostly be voting for Trump and Hillary Clinton. (Hillary has a slight edge over Bernie Sanders; Trump has a big one over Ted Cruz and John Kasich.) Cruz, whose already narrow path to a contested convention victory could disappear on Tuesday, has resorted to increasingly desperate tactics: striking a mutual nonaggression pact with Kasich, naming Carly Fiorina his running mate, decrying Trump as “amoral.” We’ll soon find out if any of those moves made a difference.

Pundits and politicos will be watching nauseously, their faces lit by the flames of Cruz’s Viking funeral pyre. You can watch this Twilight of the Gods in real time as the results trickle in. Below are live tweets drawn from a list of top accounts curated by Slate. You’ll see left-leaning commentators on the left and right-leaning commentators on the right. Let the spin begin.

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