Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots.

Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots.

Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots.

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July 11 2007 3:58 AM

You Connect the Dots!

We just collect them.

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Who's being "nativist" here? 1:16 A.M.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mo' 'No': Sen. McCaskill comes out against cloture  (on Lou Dobbs). ... 5:59 P.M.

Empty: Activists claim to have gathered a million letters in support of comprehensive immigration reform, but at their rally at the Capitol they produced empty boxes. Hmm.  ... [via Insta] 5:36 P.M.

**** Non-Immigration Items ****


Hey, I gave Kerry $300! That's chopped liver? Why can't I be a scandal too? ...P.S.:Salon's on the list. I'm as biased as Salon! 4:54 P.M.

One of Bush's top aides muses on the defining paradox of this presidency: How did a man who promised a change of tone in Washington preside over one of the most partisan and divisive periods in the country's history? Bush doesn't conduct feuds or hold personal grudges, this adviser insists. [E.A.]

Doesn't hold grudges? You think? I don't think. Let's ask Brent Scowcroft! ... 4:37 P.M.


McConnell waffles on the immigration bill. ... Paranoid view: Publicly waffling is one way to say "I hear you" and deflect the opponents' heat, no? Then, when you do come out and support the bill, it's too late for pressure. ... 4:08 P.M.