Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots.

Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots.

Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots.

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July 11 2007 3:58 AM

You Connect the Dots!

We just collect them.

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does not support the current immigration bill before Congress, saying there were too many problems. But he said he would support tougher border security and a guest worker program.

Noam Askew wonders whether this means Brownback will vote "no" in the crucial cloture votes. But if he merely misses the vote, as he did the last one, that would have the same effect as a "no" vote. The proponents need 60. ... If Brownback just happens to be busy campaigning for President during those votes, the Krikorian Magic Number is down to 7. ... 11:33 P.M. link

Every Man a Shrum: Here's what seems like a good, and maybe semi-revolutionary, idea from reader J.R.:

One thing that strikes me (and you've alluded to)  is that some of the provisions are so outrageously pro-illegal-alien that the negative ads will write themselves.  Examples include giving gangbangers and repeat drunk drivers amnesty eligibility.

So why not drive the point home to some of these congresscritters by going ahead and mashing up some sample negative ads along the lines of "Senator So-and-so voted to give illegal alien gangbangers and drunk-drivers amnesty" and make sure the congresscritter staffs get a copy, or at least Youtubing them? [E.A.]

Might work! I don't have the skills to throw together a 30-second negative campaign ad, but I know there are people out there who do. If they can pull together a trailer for bloggingheads, they can do an ad pointing out that Senator Lautenberg, say, voted for a legalization bill that didn't even require illegals to pay back taxes. For other wording clues, check Questions 59-63 in the recent Carville-Greenberg poll. ...


P.S.: I wouldn't create an ad attacking someone who's currently undecided--that might just make them mad. But an ad attacking a committed pro-cloture Senator--Lindsey Graham, for example--might demonstrate to the others what will might in store for them in their next campaign if they pass this sweeping and unpopular piece of legislation. ...

P.P.S.: If you manage to spend more than $1,000 you might  raise interesting campaign finance issues. But you can do a lot for less. ... I suspect that if this negative tactic actually has impact, incumbents will hate it and try to figure out a self-righteous way to squelch it ('take the small money out of politics'), even though it's hard to think of many things that are closer to the core of the First Amendment. ...

Send me links. I'll post any good ones. ...

Update: This is well done, but it's not a negative campaign ad! ... 3:37 P.M. link

Friday, June 22, 2007

Did consultant/columnist Dick Morris lead his former client, Trent Lott, astray on immigration? Just a thought. To Morris, it's all about winning Hispanic voter allegiance: