Will Bush veto the border fence bill?

Will Bush veto the border fence bill?

Will Bush veto the border fence bill?

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Oct. 11 2006 4:51 PM

Will Bush Veto the Fence Bill?

He hasn't signed it yet.

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A key point in the immigration debate--the basic engine of the reaction against the McCain-Bush effort to grant semi-amnesty to illegals--is the argument that amnesty today will encourage more illegal immigration (in the hope of another amnesty) tomorrow. This was certainly what seemed to happen after the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty of 1986. But readers have rightly challenged me to find more evidence to back up this central argument. Here's some: City Journal's Heather Mac Donald notes that in Europe Spain's amnesty--and France's--seem to have been followed by explosions of illegal migration. ... 5:24 P.M. link

Only call during business hours. There's a war on! No doubt many of Woodward's anti-Bush scoops are damaging, maybe even "devastating," as Slate's John Dickerson concludes.  But I don't understand why it is scandalous for Vice President Cheney to have his

aides to call the chief weapons inspector in the middle of the night with coordinates for a site in Syria that might have those elusive weapons.

Isn't that an example of ... you know, Cheney doing his job? We were trying to find any possible evidence of WMDs, right? If Bill Clinton, while President, had what he thought was a good tip in a similar situation, would he hesitate call a subordinate in the field, or tell his aides to call? I  think he'd call. Even in the middle of the night! And he'd be right to do so.  ... P.S.: Isn't it almost always the "middle of the night" in either Iraq or the U.S.? ...  5:00 P.M. link

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Fencewatch Final Act?  The Senate has invoked cloture on the Secure Fence Act, 71-28. Senator Frist, brimming with feck, says that what the MSM told us for a year would never happen--passage of a non-comprehensive immigration bill that Senator McCain must hate**--will happen within hours.

Tomorrow the Senate will pass this legislation and send it to the President's desk for his signature.

Take that, Dick Morris!  ... P.S.-Failure to Triangulate: Hillary voted No  (as did Cantwell and Menendez). ... Update: The LAT sees a potential last-minute snag. ... The NYT  and a Frist aide say the vote could slide to Saturday. ...

**--McCain voted Yes, in what would seem to be a strategic retreat. It's true, as Friedersdorf argues, that a successful fence could establish conditions favorable to a McCain-like semi-amnesty. But not for a few years, I should think. ... 6:17 P.M. link

Good fences make liberals: Historically, fences work, according to UPI's Martin Sieff.

 It is certainly the case that in the long run of decades, generations and centuries, eventually long walls or border fences usually do come tumbling down. But they usually work very well indeed for a very long time first.