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Aug. 15 2006 3:46 PM

From Coulter to Custer

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Global Warming--The GOP's Friend! I notice from the cursory stats Slate gives me that Bruce Reed's Has Been blog has been attracting lots of hits. What do we do when a fellow blogger meets with success? Lash out bitterly, of course! ... Reed makes the case that Democrats could benefit "if northern winters become easier to bear and southern summers become unbearable"--and as a result

"all the snowbirds who've flocked to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California suddenly turn around and head north."

Does this make sense?  Won't a sudden movement of red state voters into blue states turn those blue states redder? Can the Democrats' narrow 2004 presidential lead in, say, Pennsylvania and Minnesota withstand a large influx of surly Sunbelters? ...  Meanwhile the old Southern red states aren't going to turn blue even if they're depopulated. (They'll lose electoral votes, but remember that each state gets at least three of those no matter how few people it has.) The result: more red electoral votes, no? ... 1:42 A.M. link

Thursday, August 3, 2006


The "Real Loser"-- kf's Forward Lean: This is an obvious point,** but if Lieberman is toast on Tuesday, as everyone (e.g., KosBevan, Note) seems to agree, isn't that very bad news for other Democrats who voted for the war and might want to compete for Democratic primary votes--e.g. Hillary Clinton? For the first time, it seems entirely plausible to me that Hillary will look at the terrain and choose not to run in 2008. It's less plausible, but not completely outrageous, to think she'll avoid the Dem primary electorate by running as an independent. ... Lieberman could show the way for her there too, if he successfully pursues an independent candidacy in Connecticut. ... P.S.--Who Spun Howard?: This is cheap and unfair, but here's Howard Fineman on the Chris Matthews Show  this past weekend:

Mr. FINEMAN: Chris, I think Senator Joe Lieberman may have stopped the bleeding up there in that primary.

He told us something we didn't know! ...

**--kf today, HuffPo tomorrow, E.J. next week. ... Update: Make that Sager, who also tries out a bit of premature contrarianism. ... More: Ezra Klein's also thinking Hillary may not run:

Folks in the know tell me that Bill is actually the least enthused about her candidacy, as he believes McCain will be the 2008 nominee and no Democrat can defeat him.  I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary, slowly realizing that her left flank if collapsing, may be grudgingly accepting Bill's conclusion.

And on Sunday: Dan Balz's turn. ... 11:52 P.M. link

Are Gay Men Promiscuous? Several e-mailers, responding to the Sullivan/Beinart v. Coulter debate on gay male promiscuity described below, make a point along the following lines: