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Aug. 15 2006 3:46 PM

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These "weekly" and "hourly" earnings statistics are suspect! They look uninspiring, especially when tracked over decades, but they almost certainly understate earnings to at least some degree. 1) They cover "production or non-supervisory" workers, but that definition isn't exactly a bright line  (as the DOL admits) and probably changes over time (for example, as companies use computers to delegate more authority down the chain of command). If higher-paid workers start being excluded as "supervisors" that pushes the average down even if nothing really changes;  2) The wage data are not adequately "benchmarked," whatever that means. Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institution is the expert to call. ... P.S.: I'm not saying inequality isn't growing, or that the expansion of G.D.P has been paying off for the average American the way it should. I'm saying it's probably not quite as bad as the "average hourly wage" data suggest. I'm skeptical of the idea that Americans earned lower hourly wages in 2000 than in 1978, for example. ... 3:47 P.M.  link

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Bloggingheads discuss  Ann Coulter'sviews on promiscuity, homosexuality and narcissism, informed by the insights of evolutionary psychology! ... P.S.: Here's a partial transcript of Coulter and Peter Beinart discussing the same subjects CNBC's Kudlow & Co. Am I wrong to think that Beinart, who's been writing some excellent pieces lately, comes off as a posturing fool who somehow successfully bullies Kudlow?

Ms. COULTER: ... It's sort of standard, feminist doctrine 101, and psychological doctrine that wildly promiscuous heterosexual men, you know, still believe in a place called Fire Island. I don't think it's that hard to believe, except that it happens to be, you know, being said about feminist great hero Bill Clinton, so they pretend they've never heard this before. I--I'm--I don't know why this should be a particularly startling statement. ...[snip] ...

KUDLOW: Peter Beinart, what is your response to Ann's remarks on Clinton?

Mr. PETER BEINART ("The Good Fight" Author): It's a statement of a bigot. Pure and simple. To suggest that gay people are somehow inherently more promiscuous than straight people and that straight people who are promiscuous are--therefore have latent homosexuality tendencies, and, look, Larry, I'll--let me throw it to you. It's not enough for people like me, for liberals, to say that when Ann says that, she's being a bigot. You need to say it. As a conservative who agrees with her on issues, it's up to you, because you don't believe in a conservative movement that is bigoted. You don't believe that's what the Republican Party stands for. It's up to you to say that it's bigoted and to distance yourself from it.

KUDLOW: Well, I would...

Ms. COULTER: Do you have some problem with gays?

Mr. BEINART: No, in fact--in fact, I think you are--you are the one who's making...

Ms. COULTER: I like gays. I like all gays, and not just the ones who are Ann Coulter drag queens.

Mr. BEINART: You...

Ms. COULTER: I like gay just fine. What's your problem?

Mr. BEINART: Well, it's a strange way to show...

Ms. COULTER: Why is that so insulting?

Mr. BEINART: To make--to make classically bigoted statements about them is a strange way to show your affection, Ann.

Ms. COULTER: Classically bigoted statements? You're denying that gays are...

Mr. BEINART: In fact, the idea that somehow gay men are inherently more promiscuous than straight men is an old chestnut of anti-gay bigotry. You surely know that. You said it anyway.

I--Larry, I think it's really up to you to tell Ann that you find this bigotry unacceptable in the conservative movement.

Ms. COULTER: I love these--I love these constant demands that every other conservative on the planet denounce Ann Coulter. I refuse to allow...

KUDLOW: I'm a friend of Ann Coulter...

Mr. BEINART: Well, I don't--I don't--you know, I criticized--I criticized Michael Moore when I disagree with him.

Ms. COULTER: Wait. Where are all those heterosexual bathhouses? I must have missed that period of the '70s.

KUDLOW: I am a friend of Ann Coulter's. That's no secret. I have read her books. I basically admire her values. But, Ann, I guess when you go down that road, I don't know. You kind of lose me on that. You just kind of lose me. I just don't see it.

Ms. COULTER: Well, I don't--what am I losing you on?

Mr. BEINART: Good for you.

KUDLOW: I think it--I think it detracts from your overall...

Ms. COULTER: What am I losing you on? Forget, you know, the general I disagree, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What are you disagreeing with me on?

Mr. BEINART: It's called bigotry, Ann. What part of bigotry don't you understand?

Ms. COULTER: Are you claiming that gays are generally not more promiscuous? Is that what you're claiming? Are both of you maintaining that gays are not--some segment of gays are not more promiscuous than heterosexuals? Is that the big point here?


Mr. BEINART: I'm saying that I don't know that there's any empirical evidence whatsoever here.

Ms. COULTER: No. I'm asking Larry here.

Mr. BEINART: And it's a--it's a--it's a bigoted stereotype that you are fomenting.

Ms. COULTER: You don't know any evidence that gays are more promiscuous than heterosexuals?

Mr. BEINART: Where's your--where's your evidence, Ann?

Ms. COULTER: Where have you been?

Mr. BEINART: Where's your evidence?

Ms. COULTER: It's a fact.

Mr. BEINART: Give me the evidence. Cite chapter and verse. You have no evidence whatsoever.

Ms. COULTER: I just cited the bathhouses. We don't have heterosexual bathhouses. It's well known.

Mr. BEINART: What--it's like saying--it's like saying Jews--Ann, it's like saying Jews love money more. Everyone knows that's true. Where is your evidence?

Ms. COULTER: It is well known that gays...

Mr. BEINART: It is well known.

Ms. COULTER: I--every time I try to give the evidence, you get after me.

Mr. BEINART: That's your evidence? It's well known? OK. Give me the evidence.

Ms. COULTER: OK. You got to stop talking now...

Mr. BEINART: Prove you're not a bigot...


Update: Andrew Sullivan, unmasks another bigot. He writes:

The truth is that many gay men are acting like Bill Clinton, because, like Bill Clinton, they are full of testosterone, and, like Bill Clinton, they can get sex when they want. Clinton gets it and has gotten it because of his charm and his power (which he regularly abused for sexual harassment purposes). Many straight men would do the same if they could get away with it. Can you imagine the lines for straight bathhouses if women were as eager to get it on with strangers as men are?

Gay men get it because their emotional and sexual universe is all-male and so twice as testosterone-laden as the straight male sexual universe. [Boldface added]

Hmmm. Sure sounds like Sullivan is saying gay men are "inherently more promiscuous than straight people."An old chestnut of anti-gay bigotry! I await Beinart's denunciation of Sullivan, and Sullivan's distancing from Sullivan. ... 3:54 A.M. link

Monday, July 31, 2006

Here's a potential semi-exculpatory angle on the Mel Gibson incident that even Kim Masters missed: Read the first sentence of the last paragraph of this favorable Daily Catholic profile. ... 9:06 P.M. link

Attention, Class A Shareholders: They could just call it  Pinch's Law. ... 3:12 A.M.

The Fund Challenge: The Wall Street Journal's John Fund has been arguing the virtues of a revived bracero program  with a repetitive vigor that borders on desperation. He reasons, non-crazily, that any successful immigration reform will have to provide take into account the labor demands of U.S. employers by allowing some immigrant workers into the country. Fund also argues, along with the rest of the "comprehensive" chorus, that Congress absolutely must pass a law to reform immigration this year (as long as it's a law they agree with). ...