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Aug. 15 2006 3:46 PM

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Has the Iraq Insurgency Really Been Superseded by a Civil War? The CW on Iraq is that the insurgency has faded and been replaced by a bloody Sunni-Shiite civil war. But Mohammed at Iraq The Model--the site I go to when I need some reassurance that the Iraq project isn't totally doomed-- senses a seemingly more ominous development:

[F]from signs I see in the atmosphere; I hear and see that some Shia parties with strong militias are seeking a truce (not peace) with Sunni counterparts especially those with significant militias but this in my opinion will be more like a sectarian truce than a true national reconciliation.

But again, why would they seek truce with all the deeply rooted differences between them? Well the unpleasant scenario I'm expecting is basically that these parties want this truce to fix one front and pave the way for the beginning of a Sunni-Shia joint Islamic insurgency against the US and the UK in Iraq ...

This doesn't jibe with what I'm reading from Friedman and Podhoretz. But Mohammed lives in Baghdad and they don't. ... 5:45 P.M. link

Not the Unions' Fault! BMW sales fell 7.7 percent in July, and the brand got outsold by Mercedes. That couldn't be because BMWs are ugly, having been led down an aesthetic blind alley by the pretentious "visionary" Chris Bangle! No, it must be a temporary downturn. That's it. Consumers are just waiting for the "facelifted X3." For sure. ... 5:16 P.M. link


Turnout in the Connecticut primary appears to be high, for a mid-summer primary. Mystery Pollster explains why, contrary to the semi-CW, he doesn't think a big turnout helps Lieberman. ... Other Connecticut sources: Kos, Hotline  (currently purveying a pro-Lamont Volvo/Donut Theory), Tapper  ...4:28 P.M.

Glenn, your new car is ready. [Via Autoblog1:16 A.M.

Mystery Pollster and Charles Franklin on why those polls suggesting a Lieberman comeback are probably less significant than they might seem. ... P.S.: Franklin offers some evidence to support Josh Marshall's suspicion that Lieberman's decision to prepare for an independent candidacy is what killed him--specifically "among the moderates who make up his natural supporters," and where his losses have been "politically devastating," at least if you ignore all the cautions about small sample sizes and the election not having, you know, happened yet. ... 12:12 A.M.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Find the nugget and hype it! Who said moving to Poynter would make Romenesko too dull and respectable? Here's a hed from today's edition:

Lemann's piece "thoughtful"
Says Rocky editor.
(Rocky Mtn. News)

If that doesn't give Lemann a mid-life crisis I don't know what will. ... 11:53 P.M.