Kerry: 'No new nuances'

Kerry: 'No new nuances'

Kerry: 'No new nuances'

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Sept. 16 2003 4:41 PM

L.A. Times Poll Scandal?

Plus: Recall Wreck Roundup

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It makes everyone feel pretty bad because, if you talk to most people in MEChA, most of their time is spent mentoring high school students or doing cultural events on campus ...

Comes now Shark Blog, pointing out that this same mentorly Mr. de Unamuno appears to have himself written a recall-pegged MEChA defense in a 'Myths/Facts' format. De Unamuno's essay in particular rebuts the "myth" that "MEChA's goals are to give the southwest back to Mexico." In reality, he argues:

MEChA is not a Mexican or Mexican-American organization. In 1999, MEChA changed its Philosophy and declared itself to be part of the intercontinental Indigenous Struggle of the Americas. Thus, we are internationalist in scope, and stand in solidarity and support the aboriginal rights of all the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and we no longer recognize the borders of any Colonial nation-state. [Emph. added]

Would that include the borders of the United States? Well, all right then!  ... P.S.: It's nice that, as Gold reassures us:

Current MEChA chapters ... do not subscribe to separatist or nationalistic ideas, according to members and faculty who work with the organization.

But is that because, as de Unamuno claims, "MEChA does not believe in nation-state borders" at all? ... 1:10 A.M.

Sunday, September 7, 2003

Excellent, calm, non-hysterical argument by LAT's Tim Rutten on why Cruz Bustamante's MEChA non-answers matter even though nobody thinks he wants to reconquer "Aztlan" for the "mestizo nation." ... Rutten notes that other California Latino pols (Xavier Becerra, Antonio Villaraigosa) have no problem renouncing MEChA's offensive slogans. Why can't Bustamante? ... P.S.: Bustamante has been receiving support on the MEChA issue from activist Nativo Lopez--more or less confirming the fears of Cruz-watchers, since, as Daniel Weintraub notes, Lopez himself was

recalled from office a few months ago by voters – mostly Latino parents -- in the Santa Ana Unified School District upset by district mismanagement and Lopez's support for bilingual education, as well as his attempts to undermine Proposition 227 [requiring instruction in English rather than Spanish]. [Emph. added.]

It's fair to say that Lopez represents exactly what people worry about when they worry about Bustamante's bizarre inability to criticize MEChA. ... Social suggestion for Rutten: Why not walk across the newsroom and say a jovial hello to LAT's lead Bustamante apologist, Matea "Spun" Gold! .. 1:40 A.M.

Weaving the Gloom: Two points about Louis Uchitelle's NYT report on the disappointing August job figures: