Slate’s mistakes for the week of Nov. 27.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 27

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 27

Slate's mistakes.
Dec. 1 2017 4:03 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In a Dec. 3 Sports Nut, Adam Willis misspelled Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman’s first name.

In a Dec. 2 Technology, Christina Bonnington misstated that car subscriptions don't include the option for owners to buy their car. Volvo does offer that option at the end of its term. 


In a Dec. 1 Education, David Fu misstated that the 2-year-olds were living “their second year.” They’re living their third year.

Due to an editing error, a Dec. 1 Video headline misidentified Triton, a baby otter, as a sea otter. He is a river otter.

In a Nov. 30 Technology, Will Oremus misstated that Google does not allow users to change the voice of its voice assistant. It now does.

In a Nov. 30 Brow Beat, Aisha Harris misspelled NeNe Leakes’ last name.


In a Nov. 30 Interrogation, Isaac Chotiner misquoted Thomas Friedman as saying that a woman had told Friedman about her experience at a concert, where there was a wall separating men and women. The woman was talking about a conference, not a concert.

In a Nov. 30 Sports Nut, Jeremy Stahl misidentified Russell Okung’s current team as the Seattle Seahawks. It is the Los Angeles Chargers.

In a Nov. 29 Brow Beat, Carlos Aguilar misstated that Día de los Muertos was a mistranslation of Day of the Dead. There is an ongoing debate among Spanish speakers as to whether it’s Día de Muertos or Día de los Muertos.

In a Nov. 29 Jurisprudence, Eric Segall misstated that the second Fisher v. University of Texas decision occurred in the 2016–17 term. It occurred in the 2015–16 term.


In a Nov. 27 Brow Beat, Rachel Withers misstated that Roy Cohn died before the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion. Cohn died later that year. She also misidentified Danielle Rhoades Ha as a member of the New York Times best-seller team. She is a spokeswoman for the Times.

In a Nov. 27 Education, Lillian Mongeau misstated the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation for how much screen time 2-year-olds should be allowed. She stated the 2015 guideline, which says they should not have any screen time, though the current guideline, updated in 2016, states they can have limited screen time as long as it is supervised and interactive.

Due to an editing error, a Nov. 27 Technology misspelled writer Anne Helen Petersen’s first name.

In a Nov. 27 Technology, Lila Thulin misidentified an Instant Pot model as being 6 ounces. Its sizes include a a 6-quart model, not a 6-ounce one.

In a Nov. 22 Metropolis, Henry Grabar misstated that Saadiyat is joined to Abu Dhabi by a causeway. It is joined by a bridge.

In a Nov. 21 Better Life Lab, Amanda Lenhart misstated that Marianna Blagburn directs a memory care assisted living facility in Maryland. The facility is actually located in D.C.

In a July 2, 2012, Sports Nut, Matthew J.X. Malady misidentified the Vancouver Canadians employee who participated in the team’s sushi race. The sushi racer was Kraig Krause.

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